Friday, April 25, 2008

What The F*$+ Friday

What the heck is this?
Does her mother know that she posed for this photo? and that it's rated one of the worst "gaming tattoo" on the Internet? I thought it was a raunchy fashion statement. I'm looking for some jewelry to go with an outfit "I think I'll tat some on".

And dig the "bra". This is a POSTER CHILD for those of you considering tat's.
I 'd say, um, don't? A bunch of the ladies at work yesterday were discussing body art. I'd always joked that if ever I decided to get a tattoo, it would be one of "Where's Waldo". Remember him? Cute as a darn button, and difficult to find. The craze of the 80's coffee table books, about the time I thought I was sassy enough to be able to flirt someone into looking for Waldo on my much leaner body. Hidden between the stretch marks! Ha! Cover your eyes Joe!
I'm sure that when all you young moms out there who kiss the sweetness that is your tiny baby's skin, you will cringe at the thought of Miss Pac Man's appearance on their tush.
I guess to each his own! That is the wonderful, crazy thing I LOVE about people. They never continue to fascinate me! Have a Great Friday everyone!


Robin said...

Whoa, that tat is seriously disturbing.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I need to come up with a clear way to indicate entries to our blog, because both Brad (my hubby) and I write on it and you are not the 1st to think one of his entries was mine, or vice-versa.

But his dad and the great condom non-talk of 1991? Total cop-out in my opinion. Brad’s mom died when he was 12 and many ways, he raised himself. His dad was so grief-stricken and also there was a different social expectation of dads back then – thus the hands off parenting and the ultra independent person Brad became.

It is so interesting to look at how our childhood experiences shaped us, especially now, preparing for baby T. And on that subject – I am not posting belly pics to the blog, but would be happy to email if you want 

Happy Friday!

Robin said...

oh yes, that would be helpful, huh? robintobin(at)gmail(dot)com

Carbon Based said...

Well Jackee there is body art and then there is stupid.

I have no problem with body art, your body, do with it what you may, it's yours.

Sarah said...

That picture has now been permanently burned onto my retina.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Family, they are your most critical critics!