Monday, February 15, 2010

Good News! I'm alive!

I feel sorry for those who came to read my blog posts. I've been so absent. So sorry about that.

This week has been one hectic chaos after another.
At work we had a sprinkler head freeze and BLOW! Spraying a continuous flow of water all over our waiting room, pouring through the floor, under doors and seeping into my office and conference room, several other offices and through to our business office. We are in a state of shock, and yet, staying open and still seeing patients. We've put chairs up and down one hallway, rerouting the traffic through the side employee entrance.

It's a hot mess.

and a humid one.

Even though the temperature outside is close to zero, the inside is hot and muggy due to the fans and dehumidifiers trying to soak up all the water.

I miss my desk.

So, I've not had time to blog - by the time my tired butt reaches home, I am half asleep with fatique.

Oh, and by the way, if you are the spammer that keeps leaving wierd comments in my comment section, kindly move on.
I'll try to be more vigilant in the future. Maybe in March. Could still be in February.