Friday, May 7, 2010

A Word Store! Not Word Whore!

Some of us bloggers are mom’s and some of us are single and some of us are skinny and some of us are not. Some of us keep their blogs constantly updated, others are slackers, more readers than posters. Some of us take awesome photo’s to illustrate our day-to-day, and some snap shots straight out of the Kodak (or Nikon or Polaroid or swipe them out of Google images). Some of us are talented writers and some of us write like we speak, and some are just plain PROs with the prose…that’d not be me. It’s the latter I speak of when I tell you. If you need some help with your WORDZ than go to the master and pop on over to my blog bud Jules, at Pankcakes and Frenchfries. She’s a talented blogger, among many other descriptions, and she’s just opened a Word Shop, freelancing for copy, and from her menu of wares, I’d say her prices are awesome – no job too small. Give her a try why don’t you!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Shower Crafts

So, I spent Saturday getting the favors, centerpieces and the table game ready for my daughter's baby shower. It's not until June 13th, but this Grandma is ready!
The centerpieces are Yankee Candles, the theme is Sweet Pea, because that's what I call the grandbaby to be. Although the ultra sound predicts a boy - we went with the color green instead of the traditional baby blue. The table game, with the centerpiece as it's prize, is something I stole years ago from a shower that I went to. Each page of the little booklet asks the reader to survey the table of ladies and see who has the longest hair, largest purse etc. Then the final rhyme winner wins the center piece at the end.
The tag on the wrapped candle has a sweet little sentiment..."To all the family and friends of mine, thank you for sharing in this joyous time. To celebrate my life on Earth, Please light this candle on the day of my birth". Cute huh?
The table will also be flanked by green and white polka dotted cupcakes. YUMMMMY! That way we'll not have to worry about cutting the cake. We can visit and generally swoon over all the adorable baby gifts. Which is what happens at most baby showers anyway, am I right?

The favors are Hershey bars wrapped in a special wrapper, thanking the guests for thier gift and their special thoughts. The honoree is a HUGE chocolate lover, and well, so am I. I ate one while wrapping them. Sorry future guest, had to try out the chocolate.

The favors will also have a hidden number on the back, for door prizes.
I'm a little bit excited about the arrival of this 1st grandson - can you tell?
Now all that's left is the invitations! Anyone care to help address them? Stamp lickers unite!