Monday, March 31, 2008

Day One-I Run

I have blog angst and anxiety. Truth is, my daughter hooked me up to her new blog, and that of others and now I have spent quite a few hours reading the musings of many, MANY creative, intelligent women/men. I long to communicate. I am therefore I BLOG!

I am compelled to type. To read! Oh my! what has she done? What has she created?
This post was the hardest, the first. What will it all be about? I have never been so fearful of typing my own words and thoughts before.

So, I'm jumping into blogging - almost without thinking - without heeding caution, before I run the other way, close my beautiful green blog and RUN.
I type or write.
My fingers flying on the keyboard, sweaty tips and palms. (are there calories burnt up in typing? Might I finally have a Poptart?) Don't look back! Don't even spell check!
That's much how I have sped through life. Mostly free falling, some planning, take a deep breath, throw all caution to the wind. DIVE. Pretty much that's how I came up with the name Runs with scissors, my "Indian" name. It describes me.
Ok, now that this is over with (almost) I can think of other entries - more fun, more profound, hey I might even attach a profile. And later, some pictures...assuming that these few first entries are likened to dipping your toes in the lukewarm water of a murky pond. I will be able to lose my anxiety and feel better about my entry later - at another date.

Whew - glad that's over.