Friday, May 30, 2008

This Week's Fun Fact Friday is Not- It's a Rebuttal!

This week’s fun fact Friday is a rebuttal! Oooooo, so so, Sorry.
This was posted here, and thought you should hear my "take" on it. She's so cute. And so is her blog.

Back in the early 80’s when I was raising my young un’s, their father and I in our first home in a up-and-coming yuppie neighborhood of young families. Shortly after buying our home, and having our third child, my then husband quit his job and opened his own business, sending our family into a spiraling decent of financial doom and gloom.
And HOW!
So, my children never really suffered so. I can sqeeze money in many many ways. It was a good experience, but hard times.
We had fun, they didn’t play with tons of expensive toys or watch re-released Disney movies on that hot new item, Betamax. They made tents, played with Cabbage Patch dolls and their home sewn clothes (I was a fake fashion designer) and had lemonade stands. Tra-La.
And I lied to them shamelessly about the ice-cream man. (oh, and Santa, the Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy)
The ice-cream man was an imposition that this mother didn’t need in her afternoon. My budget for snacks was tight, but my kids had store bought Kool Pops, Fudge-sicles and ice cream of many kinds. They particularly loved Magic Shell. Do they still make that?
Anyway, dropping $3.50 for a double wide, red, white, and blue Popsicle that always ran a blue tint of syrup down your 4 year old’s arm, didn’t thrill me. Plus, the people that drove those trucks were straight out of prison or out on work release from some asylum. Toothless, leering at my toddlers standing near the curb. EWWWW. Kiddie perv On wheels.
But hey, the music (It’s a small world after all-a thousand times over) was cool.

So I promoted the myth. The music man. Kind-hearted lover of tunes, he/she would circle round the neighborhood, lulling those who still took naps to sleep (yeah, right lady) and bringing moments of joyful music to homes everywhere. They bought it for awhile. Or at least Sarah did. (my eldest). After a time, I gave them some cash, probably after some well meaning neighbor mom thought they’d treat the kids and got them a Push-Up. After that they joined the rest of the neighborhood kids and begged for ice-cream, OR ASKED FOR THE FROZEN TREATS MOM GOT AT THE STORE! Much more satisfying. The End.

New mom’s out there, feel free to introduce The Music Man to your area.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rescue me Rachel Ray! I'll owe you Big Time!

Had I ever mentioned this crazy Tuesday –Night-Secret Society-Type A Only- ladies group I belong to?
Yeah, we do not have rules (oh, we tried to make them, but we are better at breaking them)
Yeah, we do not have officers, or minutes, or buy Tupperware, PartyLite or Sex Toys (well, we would, and have been to a Sex Toy Shop, as part of a field trip of sorts after margarita’s and chips and salsa, but that’s another post)
Yeah, um, we don’t play games or cards or have stuff like that. But we do have an orange book – and a keeper of the orange book. It’s our calendar and Who Owes Who book. Just to keep things straight. We are a club but not a club.
There is a core group of about 12 of us. We have originally about 22 of us, but some were not interested in our fun. And now, some of us still are not interested in our fun! We are 12 who meet EVERY Tuesday, at someone else’s house to eat, drink and discuss.
Most times it’s fun, it’s never boring, and not for the weak of heart. We are all that you’d expect 12 ladies to be. We range in age from 29 to 60. It’s totally exhilarating, and quirky strange, like reading a funny novel of sorts, and we’ve been doing this for about 5 years now. How we met, hooked up, and kept going is a whole other post too, and as I “blog on dude”, I’ll get to it, I’m sure, unless it’s uninteresting really, and doesn’t totally matter anyway.

But, and there is always a but, isn’t there? Here’s the deal. We take turns see, and this Tuesday is mine. I am tapped out with menu ideas! I usually am a little Rachel Ray or Martha Stewart for those of you who don’t really know me. Kinda a fussy hostess who L.O.V.E’s to have a cool menu, fun drinks and something for everyone. (You should have been to my fondue night - everyone was full, sick and wailing by the end of the chocolate course, but not brilliant enough to put the sticks down)

Since we are all watching our weight. I could just do sugar free gum and water. Truly simple.

Hmmph. My formerly full brain is tapped out with favorite recipes, and since I really am tired from the whole week past of wedding guests that - I’m not that into them.

So, I thought HEY! The Blog! Any of you have some easy prep, great to eat, fun, recipes that have Scored you the Big One at your gatherings? Care to share?

Send em on My way! I will be so, SO appreciative!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Newest granddaughter, the Peanut, too cute in her little party dress!

Bridal Party - all looked smashing! There were a few tears of joy, but no make up smeared!

WWWW! It was a great day! Beautiful weather, everything went off without a hitch. My granddaughter, Little Miss, was SO excited! She was so cute, skipping till her little knees jabbed into her eye sockets!

These are my beautiful daughters, 1/2 of the Brady Bunch we call our family. Little Miss is in the center, tired but having fun at the reception. Not bad huh? I fit into that dress, at the same weight I started. (boo, with swimsuit season right around the corner, looks like I'm wearing my jeans in the pool.)

This is my handsome son.
We all had a great time, all guests went home, beds remade. I'm pooped, may take a week to recover! 4 down, 2 to go.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Grill OPossum-bilities

Does this guy belong to one of you?
Anyone got some old family recipes for opossum?
How was your Memorial Day? Anyone grill out?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Fun Fact Friday

I love Fun Fact Friday over here so I stole that idea. I don't think she'll mind, she's really cool, and I'm pretty certain that she'll never know because no one reads my blog and everyone in the blog world reads hers. (enough whining Jackee, you big loser)

* I really dislike the color pink, in most cases, and then I eat my words and buy a fabulous pink suit or top that looks pretty good on me. Pink may be my color, but it always reminds me of awful Pepto Bismal.

*The rear axle bracket snapped on my car last evening while on my way home. I'm trapped like a rat in a cage today. With tons of cleaning and laundry to do in preparation of my weekend guests, I sit blogging. To fix said car or not to fix THAT is the question. Husband wants to get the part tonight at the dealership and put it on this weekend. Did I mention the wedding of his daughter?????

*My husband is such a awesome guy, I think I'll keep him. He drove 1 hour to Midway, Chicago airport to pick up my daughter from Colorado last night. Her plane was delayed, thus her flight landed at around 1:00 a.m., and then the hour back home put him back in bed at 2:15 or so, then he got up at 5:00 to head on over to work. Tonight is the rehearsal dinner, he's going to be dragging ass.

*I say I don't like reality television, but I watch, What Not To Wear, Jon and Kate+8, Super Nanny, The Amazing Race, and Yes, even watched the Duggers at one time. Aren't people fascinating?

*I have a stack of new books to add to the stack of books I've not yet read. I like to start a few of them, leave them in each room, that way I can knock off three or four at once. ADD, no meds.

*If I could eat one food every day for the rest of my life, it would be pizza. Can't top that.

*My house could be on Cribs right now, I have 4 bouquets of fresh flowers (2 from Mother's Day that are still surviving - and one from last week's florist mishap, and then this week's wedding anniversary) The only things missing are a stash of Cristal in the fridge and a poster of Scarface in my bedroom. Oh, and a pool table or Kiss pin ball machine. I'll make a note of this.

I hope that everyone has a great Memorial Day! Please take this time to remember our troops.

Sorry, ending with a downer. Perhaps that's why my viewing audience is non existent. I'll work on this.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blogger Boredom

Today is Thursday. Technically. Today is MY Friday. I'm officially off until after the Memorial Day weekend.
YEAH! It's going to be a busy weekend.
My daughter from Colorado is coming in tonight. My step-daughter's wedding is Saturday, and we'll have some overnight guests to accommodate. (Like my in-laws and my newest granddaughter who is only 3 months old.) It's going to be busy!

I've two things I'd like to discuss.
I'm blog bored. No, don't get me wrong...I hop aboard the Blog Express and read other people's blogs, commenting when I can, polite as all hell! It clearly is a piece of blog etiquette to do so. I've read the RULES. I try to attract people of all different types. I think I have only two readers. Two is nice. Twenty would be so cool! Hence, I'm bored with my own blog. AHHHH! I've been meaning to tell you that my posts are boring me, so I'm posting less and less.
There has got to be a way that I can attract other readers! Perhaps a coupon.
Suggestions? Anyone, anyone?
I thought not.

Then there's this.
{Disgruntled frown}
They've cancelled Moonlight. The series FINALE was last Friday. And although my daughter, has sent a strongly worded post to CBS (she tells me that it's the "old people's channel", go figure) to tell them of our frowns, I am so pissed. They are luring me with their hottie's and then Zap! taking them off the air like they have POWER over my viewing choices. {yeah, I know, I know- it's obvious, you don't have to shout}
They did this same thing before to me. Lured me to watching a cop/lawyer show (Close to Home) with a young DA and it took place in Indiana (duh!) and had a hunky husband to the adorable leading lady. (gush) and BooM. Suddenly disappeared. Oh, I mourned. I did, and then they presented me with Moonlight. All vampires aside, it had promise of ENTERTAINMENT...and then Whoosh. Is it MY fault about your crappy writers strike that forced audiences to (what DID we do during the strike? knit? Oh yessss, I hiss, WE WATCHED CRAPPY lame-assed reality shows!, yes, now I remember)
Any ways, I have not forgiven you for the axing of Judging Amy. I loved Amy. Her barrage of boyfriends and her mom always sticking her 2 cents in. L.O.V.E.D. it.
I'm left of course with the crime solving strategies and all the collective bad acting of 3 (count them THREE) C.S.I.'s and then Criminal Minds. At least with C.M. the pace is fast, and the promise is that you won't lose track during the commercials. Watch it's next on the cutting board. Please, spare me the pain. Take Horatio Caine off the air instead! Save Miami!
I think that the Ultimate Power that is the CBS execs, has instilled some really deeply seeded bitterness in me. I fart in your general direction!
I remember as a young child, watching Petticoat Junction, getting all cozy with the on going story line of the newlyweds, Betty Jo and Mike (or was it Bobbie Jo?, or Billie Jo? Well it wasn't UNCLE Joe) anyway...Zap! Gone! I couldn't understand. My young mind was confused. Such was the case when Underdog was cancelled too. I had to explain to my then three year old that her favorite super mutt was Gone. She didn't get "cancelled". Seemed like a death.
Heavy Sigh. Do you now see why I'm so in the need for readers? I will be forced to watch Wife Swap if someone doesn't talk to me soon.
Well, busy as I will be for awhile, you know, wedding and all, I'll check back soon. Meanwhile, talk amongst yourselves. Pass the word on. Try reading other's rants for once, would ya!
P.S. and if you so see fit, a strongly worded letter to CBS would be nice too. Chronic Back Stabbers.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Friday’s are the best thing in the whole world today! What a crazy statement and can’t you just ENVISION my enthusiastic little face typing the keystrokes with VIGOR?

Ahhhhh. This post will be about some odd things, because my ADD has run amuk and fully formed paragraphs on one subject may/will be hard.

Who the heck gave their nod of approval to the guy who decided to leave little messages on the slip of paper that covers the adhesive on the back of ALWAYS thin maxi pads? OMG! Like a fortune cookie spewing random well-wishes, to random users, randomly annoying me to no end, I will STAY-FREE from now on. (I can hear you groan Sarah, do you know that?)

I still pay some bills in the archaic way of OLDE, I write checks. I realize that this is truly archaic, in that my own mother writes checks and has some poor fool (sorry Carl or Me) take them to the post office to post so that Near’ –Do- Wells do not steal them. ANYWAYS, before I was interrupted….sometimes I act crazy and write a little note on the FOR____________, line of the check. Ie: for: ridiculously overpriced utilities. Or, for: those Fabulous sling back, open -toed black heels. Etc. It’s like my own sick, lonely version of Message in a Bottle.

If your son or daughter is 4 years of age and walking through Target right now sucking on a pacifier, Stop, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, RUN to the nearest exit before some old lady assaults you. Or him/her. Or she calls Child Protection Services because you suck as a parent.

I have not lost the verve totally to blog, although I cannot entice readers. How do they do it? Hmmmmm? But,(said defensively, refusing to believe I suck at blogging) I have refrained from giving my blog address out to certain co-workers and friends. What does that say about me?

If your cell just rang up a VM text message - RUN Dammit to that exit, because my one or two readers has just warned you (about me! No less) to toss out the Binky! What is with you?

My husband has been gone all week on a fishing trip. I miss him dearly, but have loved "my time" sleeping spread eagle on the bed, eating diet crap, exercising, and doing weird crap, chatting all the while with the dog. No pictures please. I do have one thing that I’m saving for him to fix. I may have diet ice-cream sandwiches and cheese for dinner.

The local florist delivered the flowers he ordered before he left, a week early, totally blowing the 8th Anniversary surprise that he intended for next week. The bouquet is absolutely beautiful! HUGE, and I have it here on the edge of my desk - so the patients who pass by, talking loudly, they can’t see my head behind it. Gift twofold! Fabulous!

I have an illness, polyshopamania, I cannot pass a Clearance rounder, I cannot resist a Marked Down tag - my trained eye can spot a red “Reduced” sticker at a few yards. I shop when I am sad and when I am happy. Shopping is my drug. Hence, I have clutter. I have needs…like books and shoes, and kitchen gadgets and all things for grandchildren, and lingerie and scrapbooking, and um, everything!

My new saying for 2008 is “Everyday Throw Away”. I have been slacking in this realm, some days I try to catch up by throwing two or more items away. Leftovers do not count. I will leave you today with this thought…look around you….recycle it, throw it away or eat it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

It IS What It IS

I have searched the blogs this week (ok, Friday and Saturday) for inspiration regarding the Queen of Hallmark Holidays, Mother’s Day.

Between the new mom blogs and the whining and complaining of the Dysfunction Junction that is what has become of mature mother-daughter relationships, I’ve only found one really inspiring. You can view it here, and it’s original intent was not that of a Mother’s day blog, but of a birthday tribute. {This blog author has breast cancer, has a new baby, and has lost her own mother from breast cancer. God Bless you.}

The one continuous theme generated from blogs dedicated to Mother’s Day, and in rants dedicated to relieving insults we tie to the feelings slash interactions with our mothers. We see young mom’s spewing tips and tidbits about adorable toddlers and we hear about a few good relationships with moms vs. now-grand moms, and then we hear the ordinary. The angst that is Mother and Daughter.
We are disappointed, we are angry, hurt, lost, resigned. We smolder, put up, vent, and blame. There is a lot of blame and guilt associated with a relationship that comes with NO INSTRUCTION! It is held up on a pedestal as the most worthy in our lives (the whole birth deal and all) and yet, we all have one. So Common.
Yesterday I ran into a middle aged mom of three young adult sons. Her baby had flunked out of college after achieving a full ride scholarship, and she was taking it hard. With tears welling in her eyes she told me, “Where did I go wrong?” as if his failure were hers. So much of ourselves are lost, are invested, in our children when we become mothers, and hard as we try, we cannot keep a portion for ourselves without feeling guilty for having done so. When we try to remain separate and non intrusive, we are viewed as uncaring, cold or selfish even. When we try to offer assistance or remain intertwined in their lives we are nosey, clingy and obnoxious, bossy even.

As mom’s we revel in their glory, and feel every ache of their failure. We want to hang on to them, and we want them to leave us the hell alone for G’s sake. Momdom is definitely a double edged sword of sorts.
As kids, whether adult, teen-aged, or toddler, we never "give it up" to our mom’s. We never give them enough thought or credit that they deserve, unless it’s for screwing us up. As adults we tend to blame instead of realizing it takes a village to raise an idiot, and as responsible adults, it is our own responsibility to search and find the cure for all of life's errors. Including that of our parent's mistakes. Yet we hold moms accountable for their share of mistakes, for their inconsistencies and inadequacies because THEY ARE OUR MOTHER’S, JEEZE, and they should be what I have in mind.
It is what it is folks.
Honor and love them today, for everything it means to you.
I love you Mom, Happy Mother’s Day.

Here is a picture I found this morning of my mother holding a much younger me on her lap at an aunt's house, I had't seen this picture for a very long time, it's been hidden in a small chest on my dresser. Funny that it jumped out at me today! P.S. that thing on my face is an inperfection in the picture I couldn't photoshop out.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Frito Lay Loves Me

Did you ever wonder about the differences in people’s taste? Apples or Oranges? Beer or Soda?
Probably not, it’s just me.
Years ago, I was working in a store with a group of mainly young adults, and desiring a snack as the evening wore on, one of staff volunteered to go across the street to a convenience store to grab up some chips or something. Wanting to fill my oral void, my taste buds shouted, “We’ll take some Cheetos, please”.

His response was “puffy or crunchy?”
(the thought had never occurred to me that there would be any other natural choice, but puffy) “Puffy”, was the cry.

“PUFFY!” the crowd proclaimed, “who eats puffy Cheetos?”

Incredulous! I was the minority in the puffy Cheeto world. I never knew. Crunchy cheetos had never been my bag. In fact I hardly knew that they existed, because the ORIGINAL snack was PUFFY – Crunchy Cheetos came along much later. I’d always liked the fact that you could take a puffy Cheeto and bite it in half, instantly the Cheeto would deflate into a mass of cheese product that stuck to the roof of your mouth, allowing you to suck on the salty cheese delight, until your next bite. Coating your orange fingers along with your orange teeth, the more that you ate the more cheesey your taste craving became. Ummmmm. I was not aware that everyone else didn’t feel the same way! I mean, jeeze, if you didn’t care for all that entails while devouring that cheesey goodness, then eat pretzels!

And so it began, my search for a like kind. Intrigued, I began to ask folks, “So, if you had to choose between Puffy Cheetos and Crunchy what would it be?” Some smart ass or dumb ass, small minded kind would say, “Neither, I like Funyuns”. AGH!
I’d have to re-phrase the question, so they would get the point, the real inner soul preference.
“ok, if you were out of chips, pretzels and Funyuns, and ONLY had two bowls of Cheetos, one puffy, one crunchy sitting out there before you, what would you choose?” (Patience is a virtue….for the brave, the strong, the crazy)
“I’d choose crunchyyyyyyy”, I’d heard more often than not! I was a Puffy Cheeto girl living in a Crunchy Cheeto world! Call Madonna, I have her song!
Well, it became a game to ask people as they came into the store. Couples all doe eyed, cooing lovingly at each other, when asked the question, one would say “Puffy”, and one would say “Crunchy”…and dissention would ensue. They suddenly couldn’t agree on anything, and then I would interject, “now, now, there is always Cheese Balls…the happy medium, not quite crunchy nor puffy”, and they would walk away appeased, but on the alert for other quirky differences in their “soulmate”.

And so the research went forth. I quizzed my kids, who grew up in a puffy Cheeto existence until they had worldly experiences outside the home. Puffy was the concensus in our household, naturally, because we were a tight little group. But otherwise, I was a minority.

I began a friendship with a customer, who also was my neighbor. My kids had grown up with his kids, and upon his entrance into the store one night, I asked the Great Cheeto Debate question. After he looked at me as though my hair might suddenly stand on end and turn orange, he didn’t hesitate to say, “Puffy”. No further explanation of the whole quiz needed. “Puffy?” and I knew we were friends. Friends who saw eye to eye, friends who had the same value system, who like similar things, who laughed at the same jokes. Friends.
12 years later, we began to live happily ever after. He’s still my best friend. We’ve expanded our snack horizon to include a wide (like my ass) variety of foods, and do not agree on Combo’s at All. It still amazes me when I ask someone to whom I feel a certain connection, what their Cheeto preference might be, and they say “Puffy”, I nod my head in agreement with the Cheese-o-meter. Oh, I hold nothing against the differences my “Crunchy” friends might have, I love the differences in the people that populate our planet, I just find a certain comfort in “Puffy Cheeto” friends. And now, the questions begin. Who are you? And are you a puffy or crunchy cheeto eater?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Can you dig it?

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Pilot? Ballerina? Movie Star? Archeologist?

Yeah, me too.

I seldom get to be any of the above, but I’m always up for an adventure.

I work with a nurse practitioner, Lynn, who is quite a character. She’s Family Practice certified, but she specializes in Women’s Health and Gynecology. Has been that way for years, and I’ve worked with her for about 12 years. She’s single, really knowledgeable and good at what she does. She's a bit eccentric. She has three dogs and has a lot of quirks. I am drawn to quirky, eccentric people. They seem so very interesting to me, more interesting and vibrant than say a very “taupe” kind of person. (You know the kind, the one who has no hobbies or interests, who has beige clothing, hair and home d├ęcor…they are Taupe kinds of people. No particular color palette.)
Lately, Lynn’s been into canvassing her property in the country searching for arrow heads. She’s brought in a case filled with arrow heads, spear heads and even a stone hatchet head that she swears is around 5000 B.C. (?) It’s pretty cool. So when I expressed an interest, she was so very excited and invited me along.

Well, I suited up (in matching navy blue athletic wear piped with lime green and light blue gym shoes) and I set out for an adventure, last evening after work. I joked with her that I will be so very good at this arrow head hunting gig, because when I go on my walks with my neighbor, I always find money. I can spot pennies and dimes from far away, even in the moonlight.

What a hoot she was. She took me out to her property in the farmland about 20 miles away from my house. It was pretty neat. She had a shed built with a screened-in porch for when she is out enjoying the lake (fishing and boating) and the entire acreage is fenced in so that her dogs can roam free from harm. She has a Bobcat 4-wheeler equipped with a small flatbead for hauling things, what a ride! Eventually there will be a home built on the spot, but for now it’s just a picnic spot with a small stocked lake. After touring the property, I looked down, and at my feet was a shiny dime. A sign! Sure enough, I found some money! I’m going to be good at this. I feel it. I’ve never found an arrow head and I’d really like to!
We then went down the road to a very old farm, with an opulent old brick farmhouse. This farmer has given her permission to hunt for arrowheads in his fields – which to my surprise, the fields are sand. SAND. I thought for sure that what I see from the highway is rich black soil. Well, it’s rich black compost and sand. It’s through the sand that the artifacts pop through, especially during the spring when the fields have just been plowed for their spring plantings.
Whew. The sun started to set, and a train nearby was whistleing. Very Norman Rockwell. We searched and found quite a bit of slate – and then, there it was. Lying on the ground, like someone planted it for me to see was a spear head. Larger than a tiny arrow head, it’s really perfect in shape.
I’m hooked! Watch out Pompei! I’m now an archeologist.
Pretty Cool huh?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Sign In Please

I read about this internet deal on a few other sites, it’s names a "meme", (which I thought was me-me or “all about me”, a type list of predetermined questions) But there was a controversy see here, and although I don’t fully get it, and sometimes never do, I really don’t care. I want to participate. This reminds me of the infamous slam books of my misspent youth.
A slam book was a 35 cent notebook (yes, Beaver, notebooks could be purchased from the school bookstore for 35 cents back in the 70’s) that you purchased and personalized with questions, and posing as anonymous 4th graders (you signed in under a number on the first page, and then answered each subsequent question on a line over the number- like you write a fraction.) The questions started benign enough, “what’s your favorite color”, and progressed from there. Until the cool swarthy 4th graders cast from “Mean Girls” started posing questions such as, “Have you ever kissed a boy” and “What size bra do you wear?” or “What is your phone number?” (In a time when most homes had only one, carefully guarded landline, in the kitchen, and phone calls to boys from giggley 4th grade girls were taboo – could land the young lady with a label of slut, preventing the admittance to Harvard or the marriage to a boy from a good family, if it were discovered.) A Shunning might take place.
Those Questions raised concern with teachers and the principal who also realized that the entire class wasn’t reading during private reading time, nor were we doing our homework. The playground was littered with the books, pages torn from them flying around the blacktop. They outlawed them, quickly, before the PTA could find out. All purchases of 35 cent notebooks became suspicious. I lovingly fingered the few pages of my slam book and life without them went on.
Until now.

Where is your cell phone? In my purse, turned off because of low battery.
Your significant other? The man of my dreams, my sexy best friend and biggest fan, Dan is at work.
Your hair? Always looks the same, no matter what. Like a brown (and sometimes reddish) football helmet. It used to be my crowning glory, now it’s just thick and plentiful, Hair. Hair of which is growing thick and plentiful everywhere. And it’s industrial strength on my chin! GAH! Another crafty thing we were not warned of in 5th grade during the “movie”- you know the one, where the mother makes ovaries and vaginas on the griddle out of pancake batter to explain the facts of life to the slumber party chicks? Uh…there are so many ancient aging secrets that are being kept so that we don’t all run off during the childbearing years.
Your mother? Aging and self inflicted lonely. I’ll leave it at that. I love you dearly mom.
Your father? Deceased now 26 years. WOW.
Your favorite thing? I really love my new couch right now.
Your dream last night? I dreamt that two of my staff were lounging in beach chairs watching the patients check in.
Your favorite drink? Water or Long Island Iced Tea.
Your dream/goal? To lose 30 lbs. and be fit, again.
The room you are in? Office.
Your fear? Death, mine and that of others.
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Migraine free! At my “normal” weight, in a different (the last) home.
Where were you last night? Watching this with my dog and husband.
What you are not? Sweet, skinny, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
Muffins? No thank you, I would prefer doughnuts.
One of your wish list items? A laptop, and Dolce & Gabana’s Light Blue.
The last thing you did? Poured a cup of Joe, created a skin cancer screening form.
What are you wearing? Black pants, turquoise, linen jacket.
Your TV? I’m in anticipation of watching tonight’s episode of Moonlight, with my lover, Mick St. John. It’s “fang-tastic”. Groan.
Your pets? My large black dog, Casper the friendly dog. He’s a cool lover-boy type guy.
Your computer? Dell, Dell, Dell.
Your life? Good. A tad boring, but good.
Your mood? Consistent. No great highs or lows, kind of bored.
Missing someone? My son. My daughter in Colorado.
Your car? A 1998 Olds Intrigue, without the I-N-T-R-I,or E on the back. Just a “G”. Runs great, paid for, and the first car that I didn’t name.
Something you are not wearing? Dolce & Gabana’s Light Blue.
Favorite store?
A confessed shopaholic, I cannot pick just one, and I won’t. I like Barnes and Noble, Marshall’s, Carson’s, Hobby Lobby and Burlington Coat Factory.
Your summer? Swimming and cooking out with the Brady’s. Hopefully, granddaughter Isabelle won’t be afraid of the pool this year, because I got some cool new water squirting devices. (more for Brian and Adam than Isabelle)
Like someone? My lover, Mick St. John.
Your favorite color? All that is Green.
When is the last time you laughed? Almost every Tuesday is good for a belly laugh. The Ladies group I belong to is crazy and we meet every Tuesday evening, for food/beverages/bullshit.
Last time you cried? Last Sunday.
Who will repost this? If you are reading this - you have been tagged. Let me know if you played along.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Page Element

I'm happy to announce the presence of a little photo display. I'll try to post interesting photo's that depict some relevant thing in my life. Today it's the blossoms that are surrounding my house, my block, my World! It's SPRING! Long awaited, long time coming, and longed for.
Tomorrow is another day...and since Grey's is on. C-u.