Friday, May 23, 2008

Fun Fact Friday

I love Fun Fact Friday over here so I stole that idea. I don't think she'll mind, she's really cool, and I'm pretty certain that she'll never know because no one reads my blog and everyone in the blog world reads hers. (enough whining Jackee, you big loser)

* I really dislike the color pink, in most cases, and then I eat my words and buy a fabulous pink suit or top that looks pretty good on me. Pink may be my color, but it always reminds me of awful Pepto Bismal.

*The rear axle bracket snapped on my car last evening while on my way home. I'm trapped like a rat in a cage today. With tons of cleaning and laundry to do in preparation of my weekend guests, I sit blogging. To fix said car or not to fix THAT is the question. Husband wants to get the part tonight at the dealership and put it on this weekend. Did I mention the wedding of his daughter?????

*My husband is such a awesome guy, I think I'll keep him. He drove 1 hour to Midway, Chicago airport to pick up my daughter from Colorado last night. Her plane was delayed, thus her flight landed at around 1:00 a.m., and then the hour back home put him back in bed at 2:15 or so, then he got up at 5:00 to head on over to work. Tonight is the rehearsal dinner, he's going to be dragging ass.

*I say I don't like reality television, but I watch, What Not To Wear, Jon and Kate+8, Super Nanny, The Amazing Race, and Yes, even watched the Duggers at one time. Aren't people fascinating?

*I have a stack of new books to add to the stack of books I've not yet read. I like to start a few of them, leave them in each room, that way I can knock off three or four at once. ADD, no meds.

*If I could eat one food every day for the rest of my life, it would be pizza. Can't top that.

*My house could be on Cribs right now, I have 4 bouquets of fresh flowers (2 from Mother's Day that are still surviving - and one from last week's florist mishap, and then this week's wedding anniversary) The only things missing are a stash of Cristal in the fridge and a poster of Scarface in my bedroom. Oh, and a pool table or Kiss pin ball machine. I'll make a note of this.

I hope that everyone has a great Memorial Day! Please take this time to remember our troops.

Sorry, ending with a downer. Perhaps that's why my viewing audience is non existent. I'll work on this.


Robin said...

I also love Tessie's fun fact Friday!

Don't get discouraged when you don't know what to write about, or worry nobody is reading it anyhow - I have only been blogging for a few months but what I have learned is that you never know what will strike a chord with people. I have written a few things that I thought were pretty good, and nobody commented - and then written something seemingly random, and 5 people just never know. But it sure is a fun outlet for sharing stories and meeting cool people!

Have So Much fun at the wedding this weekend & enjoy the time with your family!


Tessie said...

Listen, you need to be watching So You Think You Can Dance. It is the best reality show EVER, and I should know.

I would choose pizza to eat every day for the rest of my life too.