Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rescue me Rachel Ray! I'll owe you Big Time!

Had I ever mentioned this crazy Tuesday –Night-Secret Society-Type A Only- ladies group I belong to?
Yeah, we do not have rules (oh, we tried to make them, but we are better at breaking them)
Yeah, we do not have officers, or minutes, or buy Tupperware, PartyLite or Sex Toys (well, we would, and have been to a Sex Toy Shop, as part of a field trip of sorts after margarita’s and chips and salsa, but that’s another post)
Yeah, um, we don’t play games or cards or have stuff like that. But we do have an orange book – and a keeper of the orange book. It’s our calendar and Who Owes Who book. Just to keep things straight. We are a club but not a club.
There is a core group of about 12 of us. We have originally about 22 of us, but some were not interested in our fun. And now, some of us still are not interested in our fun! We are 12 who meet EVERY Tuesday, at someone else’s house to eat, drink and discuss.
Most times it’s fun, it’s never boring, and not for the weak of heart. We are all that you’d expect 12 ladies to be. We range in age from 29 to 60. It’s totally exhilarating, and quirky strange, like reading a funny novel of sorts, and we’ve been doing this for about 5 years now. How we met, hooked up, and kept going is a whole other post too, and as I “blog on dude”, I’ll get to it, I’m sure, unless it’s uninteresting really, and doesn’t totally matter anyway.

But, and there is always a but, isn’t there? Here’s the deal. We take turns see, and this Tuesday is mine. I am tapped out with menu ideas! I usually am a little Rachel Ray or Martha Stewart for those of you who don’t really know me. Kinda a fussy hostess who L.O.V.E’s to have a cool menu, fun drinks and something for everyone. (You should have been to my fondue night - everyone was full, sick and wailing by the end of the chocolate course, but not brilliant enough to put the sticks down)

Since we are all watching our weight. I could just do sugar free gum and water. Truly simple.

Hmmph. My formerly full brain is tapped out with favorite recipes, and since I really am tired from the whole week past of wedding guests that - I’m not that into them.

So, I thought HEY! The Blog! Any of you have some easy prep, great to eat, fun, recipes that have Scored you the Big One at your gatherings? Care to share?

Send em on My way! I will be so, SO appreciative!


New Kid on the Blog said...

I ran across your post through other's quite a tangled web, but somehow I landed here. I'm new to the blog world and have enjoyed reading humorus tales of parenting/work/marriage and the such!

I'm a sucker for a hostess in menu distress so what's old may be new for you. A couple things that go over big with my bunco group - beer cheese and bacon wrapped dates.

Beer cheese
1 envelope Ranch dressing mix
1/2 C beer
2 C shredded cheddar cheese
2 bricks cream cheese

mix dressing mix, beer and cream cheese together with mixer. Once well blended, mix in shredded cheese. Chill (if you can) for a couple hours. Serve with taco chips, pumpernickle sticks or crackers.

Bacon wrapped dates (sounds gross, I know, but trust me)

whole dates

halve bacon strips, wrap date with bacon, spear with toothpick

put wrapped dates on foil lined cookie tray and broil until bacon gets crispy - not too crispy (like black or dark brown)

Robin said...

Your group sounds like a lot of fun. Brad and I entertain a lot and here are some fun menus we have done several times:
make your own pizza night (just make dough and sauce and have a ton of fun toppings on hand)
breakfast for dinner (quiche, baked french toast, fruit, mimosas)
stuffed peppers (fill red bell peppers with a mixture of rice, ground beef or turkey, onions, zucchini and pine nuts - seasoned with cinnamon, cloves and garlic, top with mozarella and broil)
Have Fun!!!

Wide Lawns said...

If you want to go healthy you could make a really pretty fruit plate with everything that's in season now. I love a fruit plate with sugar or shortbread cookies and tea or coffee. It seems very refreshing and then you still get your sugar fix.

Rachael Ray has this recipe for a smoky cheese dip - it has swiss cheese and smoked almonds in it. It's incredible with veggies dipped in it. It's not healthy at all, however, if you dip vegetables in it instead of crackers you could construe it as low carb.

Your group sounds like so much fun.