Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blogger Boredom

Today is Thursday. Technically. Today is MY Friday. I'm officially off until after the Memorial Day weekend.
YEAH! It's going to be a busy weekend.
My daughter from Colorado is coming in tonight. My step-daughter's wedding is Saturday, and we'll have some overnight guests to accommodate. (Like my in-laws and my newest granddaughter who is only 3 months old.) It's going to be busy!

I've two things I'd like to discuss.
I'm blog bored. No, don't get me wrong...I hop aboard the Blog Express and read other people's blogs, commenting when I can, polite as all hell! It clearly is a piece of blog etiquette to do so. I've read the RULES. I try to attract people of all different types. I think I have only two readers. Two is nice. Twenty would be so cool! Hence, I'm bored with my own blog. AHHHH! I've been meaning to tell you that my posts are boring me, so I'm posting less and less.
There has got to be a way that I can attract other readers! Perhaps a coupon.
Suggestions? Anyone, anyone?
I thought not.

Then there's this.
{Disgruntled frown}
They've cancelled Moonlight. The series FINALE was last Friday. And although my daughter, has sent a strongly worded post to CBS (she tells me that it's the "old people's channel", go figure) to tell them of our frowns, I am so pissed. They are luring me with their hottie's and then Zap! taking them off the air like they have POWER over my viewing choices. {yeah, I know, I know- it's obvious, you don't have to shout}
They did this same thing before to me. Lured me to watching a cop/lawyer show (Close to Home) with a young DA and it took place in Indiana (duh!) and had a hunky husband to the adorable leading lady. (gush) and BooM. Suddenly disappeared. Oh, I mourned. I did, and then they presented me with Moonlight. All vampires aside, it had promise of ENTERTAINMENT...and then Whoosh. Is it MY fault about your crappy writers strike that forced audiences to (what DID we do during the strike? knit? Oh yessss, I hiss, WE WATCHED CRAPPY lame-assed reality shows!, yes, now I remember)
Any ways, I have not forgiven you for the axing of Judging Amy. I loved Amy. Her barrage of boyfriends and her mom always sticking her 2 cents in. L.O.V.E.D. it.
I'm left of course with the crime solving strategies and all the collective bad acting of 3 (count them THREE) C.S.I.'s and then Criminal Minds. At least with C.M. the pace is fast, and the promise is that you won't lose track during the commercials. Watch it's next on the cutting board. Please, spare me the pain. Take Horatio Caine off the air instead! Save Miami!
I think that the Ultimate Power that is the CBS execs, has instilled some really deeply seeded bitterness in me. I fart in your general direction!
I remember as a young child, watching Petticoat Junction, getting all cozy with the on going story line of the newlyweds, Betty Jo and Mike (or was it Bobbie Jo?, or Billie Jo? Well it wasn't UNCLE Joe) anyway...Zap! Gone! I couldn't understand. My young mind was confused. Such was the case when Underdog was cancelled too. I had to explain to my then three year old that her favorite super mutt was Gone. She didn't get "cancelled". Seemed like a death.
Heavy Sigh. Do you now see why I'm so in the need for readers? I will be forced to watch Wife Swap if someone doesn't talk to me soon.
Well, busy as I will be for awhile, you know, wedding and all, I'll check back soon. Meanwhile, talk amongst yourselves. Pass the word on. Try reading other's rants for once, would ya!
P.S. and if you so see fit, a strongly worded letter to CBS would be nice too. Chronic Back Stabbers.

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