Saturday, January 9, 2010


As we dig out of our snowfall of about two feet and temperatures drop to below zero, I just want to

A. curl up under a blanket.

B. Eat ice cream over hot soup

C. Watch movies that take place at the seashore.

Casper loves the gigantic snowflakes.
I may just get out of my pajama's today!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

The snow is steadily falling in the rate of a scary 1” per hour and has been since sometime early this morning here in N.W. Indiana. Brrrrr. Really cool if you are a kid with a sled or tucked into your warm abode, complete with hot beverages and cozy snuggly blankets. But if you are out in it, driving or working it’s a nightmare!

I was thinking on my slippery, all white drive into work this a.m. (Thinking can be dangerous) I was thinking about random posts that lack real direction, and AADD. When I was a kid and was daydreaming or distracted and couldn’t learn my fractions, no one suggested that there may have been a DISORDER to blame. No, sir! It was your own thick numbskull head that wouldn’t focus or REFUSED to pay attention.
Where was I? Oh, yeah, AADD, I think that my husband and I both have a touch of attention deficit handicaps. I tell him some tidbit of information; he’s watching a commercial that he’s seen a thousand times before, later when I remind him that I’m not coming home after work tomorrow, he says “hey, how come you never told me”. Stuff like that. I do the same. The point? Um, not much other than a random post, one that is scattered and bears no rhyme or reason in correlation with each other. Hey, I’m not to blame, it’s my AADD. Natch.

*I had another brilliant idea for discussion. (All while driving) Let’s talk it out. While driving in, there is always someone going 15 mph below the speed limit and some whacko who is weaving in and out of the semi-trucks that are stopping and starting on the highway. I hate em. I’d like to roll the window down really close next to them and A. knock the cell phone out of their hands or B. announce in a loud voice “I’m telling on you”. Or something just as sinister. So, what if when you register for your license plates they use your cell number or home phone number as your plate number? That way when you drive like an idiot, you have to take the heat, later on the phone or listen to obnoxious voice mail messages from all the people you cut in front of. Just a thought.

*Really, you know what is under-rated? Ear muffs. Think about ‘em. They don’t mess up your hair, they keep your ears toasty – sometimes you can hardly see them! I never get that annoying static cling from them, they tuck into your pocket when vanity prevails and you whip them off your head so the cute guy at the next pump at the gas station pulls up. I really like them. Go on and grab yourself a pair. Even more to think about is what if you could buy hair extensions for your ear muffs…ok, maybe not, but like I claimed before this is random thoughts. Not good thoughts, or brilliant thoughts, just random ones.
I think I may have more when I can sit at home and discuss from my cozy electric blanket and my warm new LAPTOP the awesome hubster bought me for Christmas! Thanks to my son I’ve got a WiFi hub and thanks to my daughter I got a cool little mouse so I don’t have to use my fingers…they might love me a little.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bye 2009 (as said through a sleepy half closed eye, dreaming of 2010)

Dry fur needles embedded in my carpet. check.
Crumbly Christmas cookies "still too good to throw out". check.
1/2 bottle of stale wine "still too good to throw out". check
Piles of laundry, even though I do a few loads every day "Who the hell wears all these clothes?" Check. Check.
Fine furry layer of dust on all shiney surfaces. Check.
Ah yes, the holidays are over, the house a mess. Clutter seems to be everywhere and I lack energy to do much else other than read blogs on my amazing NEW GREEN Laptop that hubby who thinks that he is Santa got for me for Christmas! Yeah, I've only been surfing, because I've not been thinking of a post.
So this is it. Read on.
2009 was a really good year, even though I sound as though the enthusiasm has been sucked out of me (it has) I'm reclined and lazy after taking down the tree and shoving post diet carbs past my jaws down to my tummy. Too many points to count. I know I've gained 5 lbs. this week but it's the holiday's and I DON'T care.

We had the bestest ever Christmas present, in that my daughter Sarah and her husband Brian, found out unexpectedly that they are EXPECTING a baby in 2010! They had been trying to conceive over 2009, and 2008 and had all but given up! Such joy for us all, even though she made me keep a secret until she could announce it to everyone, and that part was pure hell for me. Keeping the secret when I was bursting I mean.
Also in 2009, I lost 30 lbs. (although 5 found me again) and that was something I had struggled with for the last 6 or seven years. But perhaps the best is that I sought out second opinion from another neurologist and found out I had been misdiagnosed, weined off all the terrible medicine I had been taking, and through physical therapy and exercise, found a "cure" for the facial pain and headaches.
Now I have to keep that up. CHALLENGE!
2010 will be a good year, I'm excited to begin!
Excerpts from Grandma's Christmas Girls below.

Grandma and Savannah (age 8 months)
Isabelle, me and Angie. Newest addition to the all girl tribe, Lilly, who found sleep over socializing to be the bet way to endure the large family gathering.
Happy 2010 everyone!