Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bye 2009 (as said through a sleepy half closed eye, dreaming of 2010)

Dry fur needles embedded in my carpet. check.
Crumbly Christmas cookies "still too good to throw out". check.
1/2 bottle of stale wine "still too good to throw out". check
Piles of laundry, even though I do a few loads every day "Who the hell wears all these clothes?" Check. Check.
Fine furry layer of dust on all shiney surfaces. Check.
Ah yes, the holidays are over, the house a mess. Clutter seems to be everywhere and I lack energy to do much else other than read blogs on my amazing NEW GREEN Laptop that hubby who thinks that he is Santa got for me for Christmas! Yeah, I've only been surfing, because I've not been thinking of a post.
So this is it. Read on.
2009 was a really good year, even though I sound as though the enthusiasm has been sucked out of me (it has) I'm reclined and lazy after taking down the tree and shoving post diet carbs past my jaws down to my tummy. Too many points to count. I know I've gained 5 lbs. this week but it's the holiday's and I DON'T care.

We had the bestest ever Christmas present, in that my daughter Sarah and her husband Brian, found out unexpectedly that they are EXPECTING a baby in 2010! They had been trying to conceive over 2009, and 2008 and had all but given up! Such joy for us all, even though she made me keep a secret until she could announce it to everyone, and that part was pure hell for me. Keeping the secret when I was bursting I mean.
Also in 2009, I lost 30 lbs. (although 5 found me again) and that was something I had struggled with for the last 6 or seven years. But perhaps the best is that I sought out second opinion from another neurologist and found out I had been misdiagnosed, weined off all the terrible medicine I had been taking, and through physical therapy and exercise, found a "cure" for the facial pain and headaches.
Now I have to keep that up. CHALLENGE!
2010 will be a good year, I'm excited to begin!
Excerpts from Grandma's Christmas Girls below.

Grandma and Savannah (age 8 months)
Isabelle, me and Angie. Newest addition to the all girl tribe, Lilly, who found sleep over socializing to be the bet way to endure the large family gathering.
Happy 2010 everyone!