Friday, April 18, 2008


I have a sore throat. Scratchy and sore.
I made some toast, yum. It feels so good going down. Now the house smells so good, like I’m cooking some fab meal for dinner. Boy won’t Mr. Man be surprised when it’s frozen stir fry, instead of some luxurious meal I’ve slaved over.

Ahhhh, TGIF. Work this week has been kinda slow and boring. I collected paper clips off of some old records and shredded them. (Yeah, I KNOW, I should have just went home!) Had some time to think whilst shredding. I thought I’d share some pet peeves with you.

Toss these around, do they bug you too?

1. Bad customer service. Yes, even from the 16 yr. old pimply drive through boy who takes my fast food bag and crumples my burgers, telling me that he got called into work when he wasn’t EVEN scheduled and he doesn’t want to be here now, because it’s too nice outside. Thanks for your order. Or, the short little young thing that gives me a lecture each and every time I buy a pack of “now and again” cigarettes, like I don’t know how bad they are for me and others with my second hand smoke - and I am so polite, but I’m going get her someday soon. I hope I don’t make CNN when I do. Mind your own bee’s wax girlie. Does everyone buying condom’s get a lecture too?

2. Annoyance sets in when someone engages me in a story, or conversation by asking me a distinct question, then does not listen to the answer I give. They also look around, like I can’t see their eyes looking over my shoulder, they are clearly not listening. I should tell them some outrageous thing, like, I’m sleeping with your father, mother, husband…fill in the blank. Hey sister, did that get your attention? Maybe I should just walk away.

3. When someone comes to visit your house, and upon entering states that they hate:
Cats (when they know that you have one) dogs, (same deal) green (the color of your living room) and proceed on in only to plop down and expect you to be happy to visit with them. I could smile and sweetly say, have you gained weight? Something looks so different about you.

4. Here's another I'm sorry to admit. I’d rather not watch midgets perform on T.V. There, I’ve said it. Not counting the Roloff’s, whom I find engaging, I don’t like to watch midgets PERFORM. You know, like Mini Me. It disturbs me. The exploitation of it.

5. Have you ever engaged in a nice conversation with an acquaintance and they start using proper names of people you don’t know in a manner that suggests you know who they are talking about. Like this, “ We had a great time this weekend, we went over to Seth’s and Marge’s and little Kyle had a cute raincoat on!” Who the heck is Seth, Marge and little Kyle? Or, I had one friend who only used HE or SHE etc. out of context, like "I wonder when HE is coming over?" and I never knew what or who she was talking about. I spent all my time, saying “who’s he? Your son?, No, your husband? Oh, your Boss….Ahhhhh. Drove me bonkers. I'd avoid her just because I couldn't follow her conversations.

That’s it for now. Those are enough, I know.
Not like I’m a control freak or something.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to talk about the misuse of the word “dude”. I’m a freaking middle aged woman and the kid at the gas station called me DUDE. I hate that.


Sarah said...

Dude, wanna come over and watch midgets perform?

Sarah said...

Sorry...what was that?...I wasn't listening to your response....

Carbon Based said...

The Roloff's live just out side of town, and yesterday I saw Amy Rolloff (the mom) in the local coffe shop. small world eh? yuk, yuk

JackeeG4glamorous said...

OMG! You saw Amy Rolloff in the coffee shop? I'm getting on a plane right now Dude!

Robin said...

Too funny. I am 100% with you on these. I will add to the list:
1) Unsolicited food commentary/diet advice - when I am eating something indulgent, I Know It.
2) People with nervous tics. I realize this makes me sound like an asshole, but I have a colleague who taps his pen on the table during staff meetings and it makes me want to crawl out of my skin.
3) When people act like political know-it-alls, but have very narrow, uninformed viewpoints.
Ok, I could probably keep going, but I will stop there. Thanks for the fun venting!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

I need to start a blog about really weird and obviously RUDE, vulgar even pet peeves. Seriously, I'd get more comments than I want to!