Tuesday, April 22, 2008

RTT or Random Tuesday Type Thoughts

It’s been a good day. Got my emissions tested after work and I passed! (The crowd roars in excitement that my ’98 Olds-paid-for-automobile would pass, thanks to my husband, Mr. Man, and the handy use of some gum and duct tape)

Its 70 degrees outside, and sunny.

Although work was mostly boring, the afternoon was stirred up by a new patient who wanting to use our laboratory services, called for directions and indicated that he needed some help getting out of the car and into a wheelchair to come in. We sent a girl from registration, which is also a medical assistant out to assist him. She tried, but honestly, you can’t come into the health care center without your pants. Yes, when she went to the driver’s side door and opened it, the gentleman didn’t have his pants quite, well, on.
They were there - but he was a larger man, and the pants didn’t come up to his thighs. So, with his entire Biz-ness showing, he just drove on to the medical center for a lab draw.
Scares you to take your youngsters out on the road now doesn’t it? His left arm was not operational, and he couldn’t move his legs, because of the swelling and the obvious pants around his thighs constricting it so.
Ahhhh, just Tuesday. Just another Tuesday in a day in the life.

The cable guy is here.
The on-going cable/phone/internet problem that we have been having has caused yet another visit by the cable guy. Scary cable guys. Most wanting to blame our cordless phones, our new high end big screen digital television, or even Mother Nature. Not the cable services. The guys talk in words and symbols written in "call out" clouds above their heads. He lost me at "Hello", I couldn't get past his bad haircut and grubby cut off pants. (they were cut to just below the knee, like Capri pants for women - don't get me started on Fashions for Cable Dudes)

Did you ever notice how much our language now depends on initials? We use initials in our every day conversations, regardless on whether or not we know that the other person knows what we’re talking about. It's totally socially acceptable, but rude how we think that we're so knowing and cool. How highly we think of ourselves! Oh, how internet users abuse the “initial-speak”. LOL, for Gosh sakes. And healthcare workers are so darn guilty, as is the corporate world. “You have a DVT, and with your CHF your NBC is affected with your CBS.” Or something like that. The corporate office is closed for CNNR and will be likely to stay closed during random HVTD time, that is of course if you are hooked into DLMN, and are CST or EST. If you are not on CST or EST, you can connect via CSNNR transmission. I say “huh”? Play along, and you seem intelligent, and they (the speaker) acts smug, poignantly so. With a smirk on their face, the initial speaker touts you to engage. I can’t because I’ve no clue as to what they are talking about.
Oh, don’t you be so smug, you who reads stuff on the internet. You too are guilty I’m sure.
Imagine someone of a different age group than yourself…they are lost in your assumption that anyone knows what E.T. stands for! If it hadn’t been for Steven Spielberg, none of you would have known either.
Shame on all of us!
TTFN. (Tigger of Pooh)

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