Friday, April 11, 2008

Blaaag Friday

It's a blaaag Friday.
I've nothing of interest to say to anybody. I ate a ton of "naughty" fatty foods today. (hence the blaaaah?)
Yet, I lost 2 lbs. Yep, I got on the scale and lost two whole pounds.
I did get my hair cut yesterday, and had to use alot less product to style it this morning.
ah, heavy sigh.
I thought that Spring was here, and indeed it is, but it's windy, chilly and rainy. Perfect for Spring thundershowers maybe tornados.

Did I mention that the Naughty food had icing? Did I mention that some of it was Dunkin Doughnuts, and although the greasy oil tasted slightly like that of Long John Silver, I didn't care. I also had some raisin coffee cake that had icing on it too.

I'm having pizza for dinner. I love pizza.
There you have heard it here first kids. I LOVE PIZZA! Pizza's your pal, pizza's your friend! What makes a "get together" a party? PIZZA!
What makes you homesick when you travel? Your hometown PIZZA place.
Be you a thin or thick crust, veggie or meat? Be thee a lover of oooey gooey cheese? I've had it with WHITE sauce and friggin chicken, and it's still PIZZA!
Love it with pineapple, and ham, I LOVE it Sam I am.
Pizza is PURRRRfection.
Pizza is a Slice of Heaven.
Pizza and almost anything else is pretty amazing too! Pizza and beer, pizza and wine, pizza and MILK, pizza and Ranch dressing, ooh la la.

It really takes so little to please me. I'd take a frozen Tombstone ($3.99) at Walmart and heat er up!
Yeah, Friday is looking up.

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Brandi said...

Pizza is wonderful. I could probaly eat it everyday, but my waistline would not enjoy it !!!
I love to read your blog it always make me smile!!!