Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Girls, Girls gather around....I'm so very X-cited.
Seems the fact that I've only lost about four pounds, on this weight loss plan, AND the fact that I borrowed a nifty waist cinching strapless device from my dear co-worker, Bonnie, I have in fact been able to cram into my dress for the wedding!
Yes, MY God, it's true.
AND I could sit down. OH the joys of starvation and undergarments.
There would be a cool picture here of the bustier, but blogger couldn't upload it today...maybe tomorrow???

It is DAMN amazing! There isn't too much fat/flab/skin hangin around my mid waistline, and the back fat (or back bacon as Danielle would say) is tucked neatly away. Away where, I cannot quite figure, but I think if I get some amazing Control top pantyhose, I will look absolutely stunning in the Neiman Marcus FREE (did I mention FREE) two piece mother of the bride type dress in celery green that I have been saving for this event. It was given to me with the TAGS STILL ON (swoon) and it's never ever been worn or danced in or ANYTHING.

I will be able to dance with my husband and not worry that he will be fingering layers of flab under the thin fabric of my absolutely FRIGGIN FABULOUS (did I mention FREE) 100% silk dream of a dress.

I must be on the hunt for some fab jewelry to accent this. I was so worried about not being able to fit into it, and have to find a last minute replacement for the wedding at -GASP- full price.

Tra LA, I will skip dessert tonight and tomorrow night too, because I need to have some room for a cocktail or two with dinner.
Ok, carry on with whatever you were doing when I rudely interrupted you so.


Carbon Based said...

Man Jackie I have this visual burned into my retina now. My eyes OMG my eyes!

Robin said...

congrats...that is awesome!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

The truth, Carbon pal..is not always pretty!
Thanks Robin - I'm sooooo trying to lose just a few inches, and not be crabby on the "diet" thing.
Thanks for reading guys....hard to get folks to pop in, leave a comment or so.