Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Got Nuthin

I've nothing to say to you. I've been have a really strange week, up and down. Really creative one minute, sleeping the next. The weather around here is really changing, cold in the morning, sunny and in the 70's in the afternoon, will drop to 40 degrees in the evening. It really is Spring.

I typed a witty little post yesterday, but OH, no, you won't read it here. I typed and typed and then got booted of my wonderful Internet connection. I had no phone, no Internet and no cable...hint hint, guess who my carrier might be with a trio like that.
So, I called them and spend about a good hour on my cell phone standing on one leg in the driveway talking to "Steve" who kept putting me on hold while he "tried one more thing". My cell lost it's power (because I forgot to recharge it) and we disconnected.
Steve didn't call back.
But the connection was back. All my typing was gone.
So now...I got amongst yourselves a minute.

nope, still nothing. Well, when whatever my mind has lost has returned, I'll be back.

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