Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Mother Was a Solid Gold Dancer

When I am alone, and I mean ALL alone, I turn up the tunes and DANCE.

Shakira has nothing on me (if you get a "visual" going, you have my permission to leave) My hips don't lie either ! Lock up every now and again, but lie, no way!

Over the ages, which to me are just a blink, but as I look back I remember just a few years ago, getting "jiggy wit it" and raising the roof, the horrified looks on my teenagers faces.

When they were smaller, I could tour je tete, through the room, listening to whatever I may, and the toddlers would just smile with the mood - giggle and join in or watch with pleasure. Somewhere along the line, I lost my groove. I wasn't cool anymore.

When I felt the music in me - it can't involve a jerk or a twist. What am I thinking?

So, the other day, I as I vacuumed and swayed, I busted a good move. I was indeed alone, but I think my big black dog rolled his eyes.

Guys lighten up!

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