Saturday, August 9, 2008

No Passports, No Jets, No Fuss

Seems everyone has been or is on vacation this summer. Not everyone, but I suppose there are a few of us out there, are doing mounds of laundry, getting caught up on housecleaning/bill paying and escorting their homebound mother into the shower for a scrub down. I need a vacation. It’s not in the cards for awhile.

Ahhhh, sit back, have someone fix you a drink (anything poured over tequila) and deliver a superb snack slash meal that YOU DIDN’T cook! Toggling my pedicured toes in the cool sparkling water, oh, and while I’m dreaming it, I weigh 125 lbs and have on a two piece suit over my tanned, perfectly toned body.

___________________stop. __________________

Instead, I’m escaping minute by minute into this.

The Time Traveler’s Wife, By Audrey Niffennegger

It’s a weird tale of a man who is a librarian and has by some strange fluke of chromosomes the ability to time travel. He cannot control the “trips” in and about his past and future, but along the way, his adult self meets his wife who is a child, and since he is coming from the future, spends time with her as she grows up. Eventually they meet in the present time, she recognizing him, knowing all about him, and he does not know her. They fall in love and marry. Each and every day an adventure. The book is written in both their perspective’s. The time travel portion isn’t all glamorous as one may imagine (he travels with nothing, no clothes, no money and often arrives hungry, naked and nauseated). The love story is unique, the concept well written and thought out and it sucks you into it, forgetting your own surroundings. It takes place in Chicago, which is in my own front yard. So familiar, and so different in this book.

I give it two thumbs up! If you can read it on the beach, with waves splashing in your foreground – that much better!


Lisa said...

I'm dreaming along with you! Oh how I long to be somewhere warm, with waves and sand. Not to be (at least until next May.)

My Wonderful Men said...

We have no vacations planned for awhile. Sending our oldest off to college has wiped out the vacation funds.
So dreaming is all I get to do too.