Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday's Fun Facts

So, Yeah, TGIF my dear internet friends.

Fun Facts coming from my DAY OFF! But you won't be seeing me doing any bike riding, or gardening, or lazing around by the pool or skeet shooting or 10K running or any such thing that would require the great outdoors to be free of THUNDERSHOWERS. Yeah, all my days off are jinxed by rain or thundershowers. It's almost as if I scheduled a vacation. When the hubby and I schedule a vacation away from home it almost always rains. Just a fact for you.

*It not only rained of our honeymoon, I also had my monthly "visitor". Oh, yeah, fun was had by all.

*It rained when we went to ARIZONA, who was in the middle of a draught (aren't they always?) and the whole state thanked us because the cactuses (cactusi?) started to bloom and there were critters and grass on the prairies and desert. You're welcome AZ.

*Last month's day off I planned a blueberry picking day with my Little Miss of a granddaughter...It rained and thunderstormed. All.Day.

*It rained on our trip to Shenandoah State Park so hard that the Shenandoah River itself was near to flooding the area where we were holed up in a little bajillion year old B&B. (with no TV).
Fill in the blanks here_________ with what you think we did those four days.

*I think I'll work up a whopping Yah-Whoo and go and get my driver's license renewed today. Yah-Whoo. Hold down the excitement. Although I can't hear you over the crashing thunder. I will again lie about my weight as expected. What does your license say? How old were you when you weighed that?

*Although this rain is good for the garden and flowers, I'm done gardening in the tomato plants I put out. I found a HUGE green tomato worm eating my little tomato's the other day. I put a plastic bag over the sucker and cut the branch off to suffocate that tresspasser to his smothery death. Have you ever seen one of those creepy things? Sworn me off collecting tomato's from those scrawny plants. They are camouflaged by their green-ness. For the Bug Challenged it's not pretty.

That's it for my Friday facts...later dudes.


My Wonderful Men said...

I hate that when you have a day off and it rains. It's like it never fails either just when you have big plans to get something done, the rains come!

Robin said...

I am weird...I like the rain. I also had my visitor during my honeymoon. No way would I admit how long it has been since I weighed my liscense weight!

Happy Friday!

Susan said...

I wish we could have some of the rain that you're cursed with! It is so dry here. I had to renew my license in May and actually gave them my true weight which was 15 lbs more than 4 years ago. And now it's 5 more than that! Ugh! Middle age sucks. I want to just go ahead and get old so I don't have to worry about it and wear a muu-muu 24/7.

That ugly green worm is a tomato hornworm and is a laurel sphynx moth when it grows up. I feed mine to my chickens. Talk about a feeding frenzy! They love 'em! BTW, they won't hurt the quality of your tomatoes. Just pick them off and squish them or find a neighbor with chickens!

Lisa said...

Ew, those worms sound gross. It didn't end up raining on Friday, did it? Although, I wouldn't have been able to tell. My first week back to real work, and my brain was mush by then.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Yeah, it rained Friday, while I was posting it thunderstormed and rained and the sun came out at about noon.

Mimi's Toes said...

You are a hoot girl! I can always count on a laugh or 2 when reading your blog. Doesn't everyone lie about their weight on their license? And speaking of tomato plants, my itty bitty tomatoes have a bad spot on the bottom of the tomatoes...don't understand what is wrong. I don't see worms though. Oh, the sun is shining today...oops, you are probably working..sorry.