Thursday, August 21, 2008

***NEW FEATURE****Oddball Thursdays or Deep Thoughts

Congratulations to New Daddy – Ricky Martin!

Seems Ole Ricky decided to start his family using a surrogate and through means of insemination became the proud father of twin boys!

Well, honestly, isn’t that a nice surprise? Let me just say…

Come out, come out, wherever you are Ricky…
(I mean I’m just sayin…OH Y’all know you were thinkin it too!!! Settle down, is anyone surprised? First George Michaels now Ricky)

Another odd little item.

I bought some Icebreaker Mints, in this round container

Notice how they are encouraging good manners? One opening is labeled "to share", the other opening, "not to share". I sure hope whomever you share with washes their hands! Was this a reflection of proper upbringing or rather genius marketing? If one shares said mints, they might disappear faster, hence good mints go out among the mass population in a MASS marketing idea of the CENTURY! (sorry, I’m hung up lately on the word CENTURY!)
½ a century.

Not much going on lately, hence the deep thoughts above.


Lisa said...

Now that school (and thus work) has started again, my blogging is at a minimum. Once we get back into the swing of this stupid getting up in the morning, maybe things will get back to "normal" (whatever that is!)

Manager Mom said...

I wonder if he found his surrogate at the same place Clay Aiken found his.