Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun Fact Friday-Olympic Style

*I started walking 3.5 miles every evening, and day 4-blew my kneecap out of line “warming up”. I blame the influence of the Olympics.

*Does anyone besides me sit down in the evening to catch up on the daily Olympic activities and A: doze or fall completely into a deep R.E.M. sleep over Bob Costas voice. B: Examine the recesses of your brain for any semblance of memory on who the hell the “Guest Olympian Commentaries” are and what sport they came from? (I mean GAH, I had to Google Mary Carrillo…I’m so Olympically Challenged – turns out she’s a former tennis player turned sports commentator - hence the fashionably challenged wardrobe and hair!)

* Does anyone else want to give Bob Costas a proper suit and tie and a good haircut? And ask Stacy and Clinton from What Not To Wear to make over Mary Carrillo? It's just me, crap. I'm judgemental. Or mental. I want some chocolate.

*I was watching the Olympic Gold Chinese "women" athletes as the commentators and reporters circled their waiting camp and I swear I saw them playing with Polly Pockets. Anyone else?

*I really am fascinated by the padded spring mat that the Gymnasts perform on, when I was an Non Olympic gymnast in my Jr. High and Senior High days, we had a hard floor with a ¾" sponge mat to flip to our death on. This one looks fun and supportive of all the leaping and bouncing right into a double back handspring. Ahhh technology.

*For all the technology and vanity that we are seeing in the Chinese (just like home, really....) they really need some deep hair conditioner. They have really bad haircuts too. And could someone take away the glitter gel from the gymnasts? I long for a Mary Lou haircut, those slicked back, sprayed on pony tails make the girls look dirty.

*Did anybody see the guy who won a silver medal on Tuesday for something like skeet shooting and they showed him bowed down weeping like a 6 year old on the Naughty Chair in an episode of Super Nanny? I told my Mr. “are those tears of joy? Or is he upset with winning the Silver?”

*Don’t you love it when they show the not-so-popular events like, bow and arrow and hoola hooping? It makes me feel like I could eventually Go For the Gold in Corn Hole competition (Women’s only) I mean, with practice....Come on PEOPLE, I’m just sayin….

*To conclude my portrayal of my athletic prowess on this Fun Friday, I must say, I recently joined a sistah on her brand new Wii Fit, and Wii Rocked! The competition was fierce (her 6 year old) and I totally blew out the record for hoola hooping and dodging shoes and Panda’s in the soccer event. Tight rope walking? No prob, I’m a champ. Now when I find an extra $300 I’ll Bii Fit!


My Wonderful Men said...

These games have been fun and very frustrating to watch for many reasons. 1. China's age problem, need I say more. 2. Scoring by the crazy _ _ _ judges. (you fill in the blanks) not hard to figure out.
Boy I could go on but if you have been watching you know what else I'm going to say so I'll stop here.
Way to go USA!

zakary said...

Cute blog.

I agree with China's "women" gymnasts. There's no way!

Manager Mom said...

I have been so swamped the past few weeks that I totally missed the WHOLE DAMN THING. I was all, "Hey, Manager Dad, they finished up the gymnastics ALREADY?" and he said, "Um, yes, you have been AWOL for two weeks."

But I did catch a glimpse of Bob Costas and I actually thought for a minute he was Marv Albert.

Hey...I couldn't find your email address..if you're looking for some photoshop tips, email me at

Dianna said...

Hon, the kids are in bed, let's watch the big O (Olympics...geez!) together tonight.


(Hubby turns on TV)

What events tonight?


(EVERY stinking night*!*)

Susan said...

Re: gymnasts' hair: did you notice that Nastia looks like she's going bald on the sides from that *nasty* pulled-too-tight ponytail? Don't you know that her school enemies (and there are always some of those) call her Nasty?

JackeeG4glamorous said...

MWM: yeah, the games are Hollywood style aren't they?

Zakary: Thanks for stopping by, please come back. (didn't sound desperate at all)

MM: God I love you. (there, I said it aloud) Your blog is great, and always makes laugh. I'd also like to go drinking with you and your other blog friends...Good times. I'm mailing you a S.O.S. about printshop.

Dianna: Yep, my husband does the same EXACT thing.

Susan: Can you imagine how damaged thier little young hairs are?

Lisa said...

I want a Wii too. I haven't even had time to sleep much this week let alone watch the Olympics. I enjoy the winter games more anyhow.

Robin said...

You are too damn funny. Re: the gymnasts with Polly Pockets and glitter hair gel - it had to be said because you are So Right. And the Super Nanny naughty chair comment? I just love your sense of humor!! Happy weekend!!!