Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Movie Madness or Tuesday Night Boredom - You Choose

Abba Lovers UNITE!

I hate to burst your bubbles, and perhaps all of you have more sense than I on a Tuesday evening, what with riveting speeches from the Democratic Convention clogging up the television airwaves, than to pack up your purse with candy from the corner drugstore and head on out with an ABBA loving friend to see Mama Mia like I did last evening.
Wow I think that was three sentences-sorry, but I’ve come off my sugar rush last night and I’m really low, almost a sugar coma…so I wont’ be spell checking or fixing any sentences today suckahs. Deal with it.

I ate a whole box of Junior Mints, and ½ a bag of buttered popcorn - and that was during the previews. My friend and I? We were the only two people in the theatre. All night.

My Tuesday night girlfriends have taken a break. They thought that because several of us have children who have just started school, and some have started new jobs, that it has been hectic and we should take a break for awhile. I’ve really got nothing going on. I’m not ashamed to admit it, it’s the lazy daze of summer! Anyway, my Abba crazed friend and I decided that we’d do a girls night trek out to the “theatre” and see Mama Mia so here’s a movie review for you.

There, I’ve said it. I would like to keep Pierce Brosnan's image forever safe inside of my tiny fantasy mind as a hot, suave James Bond type with a swift wit and a smirk to his knowing smile. That vision has been blown away forever, since my ears were assaulted by his off key bellowing baritone trying to sing Abba tunes. Alls I can say (as I shake my head sadly) is that his son’s must need college money now that Remington Steele hasn’t been cycling in syndication. And my lady Meryl Streep, although she can sing, was miscast in this flat character (I’ve moved onto Milk Duds and Diet Root Beer at this point) that no one cannot connect to or bond with. The scenery is BEAU-ti-ful, luring me, wantint me to pack up and spend the rest of my summer in Greece, but beyond that and the sassy young leading actress who plays her daughter, the movie was flat and dragged by even for those on a sugar high. I think that Abba is taking legal action – or should if they hadn’t thought about it, the songs were so unappealing.

So, before you have to sing “S.O.S. darling, can’t you hear me, S.O.S.” , I say, don’t bother. Although, I must say, the company and the Swedish Fish were an interesting Tuesday night dinner for me!


Mommy Instincts said...

oh, i am so so sorry you didn't love mamma mia, i absolutely LOVED it. i will agree though that the directors seemed to want to cast more well known actors than to bother to make sure that they could sing (pierce brosnan), but i felt his character was endearing and heartfelt. i adored this movie so very much, even though there were some odd twists and turns, but did bring me to emotional tears at least 3 times throughout the film. we are actually hoping to see it on stage real soon, hope i like it as much as the movie. and oh yes, the scenery in the film was phenomenal!


Mimi's Toes said...

Oh thanks for the review. I won't waste my money on it then. We have the same exact munchie tastes! Everything you ate, I love! I have been on a Diet A&W root beer kick...Now I know I have to go get me some candy after reading your daughter's blog and now yours...I just might have me some candy for dinner tonight.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Dear MI, well, it's the differences of opinions that makes the world amazing!! I did enjoy my night out and the snacks were great! I just think that the clever musical didn't transfer onto the big screen very well. I thought Meryl Streep's character to be immature and selfish,I mean, really, not even bothering to find out who the father of her daughter was? Come ON! (who's that about, certainly not her daughter!) And that daughter grew up searching and needing to know and she still held out? Selfish. Obv, she had Issues that didn't lend well to the comedy of the film. It was a comedy, making fun of itself as it went along. (like Colin Firth's wink, wink character) So, it may be fun (er) as a rental.

Lisa said...

I never get out to the movies anyway, so now I can stop feeling bad because I don't have time to see it. Thanks!
I've been on my own sugar high over here thanks to a stop at the Albanese candy factory. Oh, and the fact that they sell Tastykakes at Walmart now!! Not a good food choices week.