Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pour me another Scotch and Soda Barkeep

Why can't a good plan ever just work out nicely?
Saturday morning, I was to take in my brother's large dog, Sandy, to board while he and my husband fly out to Colorado to assist my daughter with her big move home to live with Grandma (even though I think this is an iffy situation - Grandma, Abbie and all her pets. Might be some vinegar and water there, .....Love you Mom).
My dog, Casper loves Sandy, Sandy is a little more brawn - over 100 pounds I judge from the way she slammed into my leg, Casper is only 70 lbs., but they'll be fine. Casper spends most of his day in his basement chalet, using his cage as a "bedroom" when he feels like lounging. Sandy, won't go down the stairs. She's a bit afraid of all that is our house. I'm left with no choice but to leave them in the backyard until I return.

I got back from the harrowing experience of driving my husband and brother to Midway in Chicago, and home (not so much used to that city driving), stopped by my house to check on the dogs. Sandy is also not used to sliding glass screen doors, so she pounded on right through mine, bending the frame. Oh well, when the Mr. gets home he can fix it. No harm done. Really.

Off to my Mom's to help her to move some things out of her spare room (the one Abbie will occupy) and help her do her laundry, as she fell yesterday, and is bruised and shaken.

I tried to convince her yesterday that falling wasn't a good sign, that perhaps we should go and get her hip pain checked out. (you KNOW what I'm thinking) and she wouldn't have it. I also told her that I would not be able to quit my job and take care of her full time if she can't stay alone and Abbie is no nurse maid, so one more fall, and we are going to the ER.
So, Saturday while I was there less than an hour, she fell. Legs just gave out on her and down she went.
Now, I've not blogged about my mom alot, Sharing this information is sharing a huge part of my fellings right now, and partially because she is a difficult person, and very aggravating. So whenever I talk about her I envariably leave a wrong impression, so frustrated I am. She gets to you. Terribly judgemental, stubborn and controlling. That's it in a nutshell. She pulls no punches. Manipultive.
3 years ago she suffered a small stroke, and it took my brother, daughter and myself about 5 hours to convince her to go to the ER. Maybe more, but I started counting the hours, and 5 is where I ended up.
So, when she fell, and scooched her rear over to the landing stairs to see if she could swing them around and pull herself up (failed) and couldn't make any rational rhyme or reason why this was happening to her she suggested that we go to the hospital. Course I can't lift her. She has no strength in her legs (hip pain by about 3 weeks) I called 911. An ambulance driven road trip! Yeah! We arrived at the ER at around 2, they admitted her around 4, the hospital didn't have a bed available until 10 pm.

Came home to crash at 11:30 pm. The dogs Sandy and Casper, they're ok, happy to see me, and now fighting for my attention. It's going to be a short weekend.

And then the caravan, my husband, brother, Abbie and her pet dog and 2 cats along with all their worldly belongings will arrive.
Mom's still in the hospital. Nothing is broken (so far, you know how ER docs are...their radiology readings aren't so swell) and she still isn't ambulatory yet. Got a leg bruise (she's on Coumadin therapy-blood thinners) that is from her artificial knee on down to her ankle, and it's purple and twice the size.

How's your weekend going? Wanna meet me for a drink later?


Manager Mom said...

Yikes... I'm sorry about your mother. I don't post about my mom too much either... she seems to have a few similar qualities to what your mom described, and she is pretty humor challenged on top of it.

Anyway, sending good thoughts your way.

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! I'm sorry to hear about you mom. I'm praying for her (and you) right now. I hope your week is better.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Thanks so much guys. It's a
"circling the drain" situation. I am spent.

Hope all of you are enjoying the summer, I didn't realize how much I missed blogging and watching through the internet window, everyone elses lives.

My Wonderful Men said...

Oh girl you do need a drink.

Email me I'll give you directions to my house that way you can come over for drinks and relax in the hot tub.

No joke, anytime you just let me know.


Mimi's Toes said...

Oh, sounds like you have really been put thru it. I can sort of relate to what you are going thru with the aging parents. Hang in there and I am sending prayers your way.

Brandi said...

Sarah told me about Grandma, how she is ok soon. I know how Moms can be all too well!!!
Sorry I have not commented in a while. I havent seen you in a while either!! Hope everything goes ok with Abbie coming back. I think it will be good for her to be around her family!!