Monday, July 14, 2008

News Flash-Cell phones DO rot your brain cells. News at 8.

So, I’m sitting at my desk, and the operator of our facility calls to announce that there is a “Chris” (no not really, it wasn’t Chris, I’m protecting his identity, it was Sean) from SSA on the line for me. I recognize this as the salesman/stalker that originally cold called me a few months ago, leaving a message that he would like for me to purchase a Superior bottled water service for our patrons. I say no. But, first let me explain, the guy spoke in a snotty voice on my voice mail the first time he called me. HE called Me, and had the nerve to use his snotty voice. I waited for a while, not returning his call as he insisted that I do because I’m a Busy Woman, (Oh, really, you fortune tellers – yes, I’m blogging now, but sometimes I really am busy) and suddenly, a few weeks later he caught me. (Different operator thought they were transferring this sneaky Snot Face to my voice mail, and I picked up.) I told him then that I was still not interested. He said he would email me the info supporting how wonderful and superior this system is and I could just see for myself. Everybody’s doing it. Email is harmless, I decided that was a benign way of getting rid of him.
Now he stalks me.

Thing is, how many times and in how many languages do I have to say “no” – AND in just saying no, he takes up my valuable time.
Still, he pursues me, with his snotty tone demanding that I call him back, because he is after all, “awaiting my call”.
Perhaps it’s entitlement, which seems to be a position that is rampant today.
Perhaps it’s lack of phone etiquette. That seems to be a logical answer, as one who has witnessed or been exposed to infractions of the Phone Policy, many, many times.

I called my pharmacy recently. A monotone voice answered “hello”and then there was a long pause. (I was waiting for the spiel, you know, Hello, my name is --------, how may I help you”. As if that would happen!) I detail my needs, and then I quickly get placed on hold, where I hear a re-mix version of Michael Jackson’s Beat It , as heard on Japanese radio. No, “could you please hold?” or “thanks for calling, I’ll be able to help you in a moment, do you have time to hold?” Seems there ain’t no phone manners anymore.

I call to order a pizza, and I get…”Yeah”…..long pause with sausage and green peppers.

I call the hair salon, I get a personal cell phone of the stylist, who is busy cutting OTHER people’s hair. She does call me back, slightly over 3 hours after I left her a polite and detailed voice mail message, but she doesn’t identify herself, AS IF I’m waiting by the phone and I recognize her voice immediately. I must respond, “who the hell is this?” Can I just email everyone?

We have signs posted all around the building asking people to shut off their cell phones, you know, while they are giving an urine specimen or having their pap done…but no, folks still expect to be able to chat it up during their appointment with their doctor. (no, let me rephrase that, they usually talk the whole time that the nurse is taking their vitals, and asking them about their med changes and allergies, but hang up when the doctor comes in…but their phone continues to ring) Everyone is glued to a companion via phone waves! (I just wanted to use the word “via”)

I hate to stake this claim to fame, here in the blog world, where most are 20-45 years of age, and have multiple cell phones and really know how to use them, but cell phone is turned off. (Gasp) Mainly because I’m working, so I don’t want people who can wait until I’m at home to ask me things. Call me a shrew and stomp away, but when I turn it on - silence, no one really calls. So, it’s in the conditioning of our peoples folks!

Funny how I can write a page on my blog about this, but totally avoid calling that guy back and saying like, “no, nada, non, I -don’t- think- So” and any other no sounding emissions that may come from my vocal cords.
Perhaps I can send him a strongly worded letter.


Mimi's Toes said...

OMG this sounds so familiar, the calls I get on a daily basis. You crack me up!

Lisa said...

Maybe if your stalker reads this entry he'll get the message. Or maybe not. The thing I can't stand are the blue tooth ear things. I can never tell if they're talking on their phone or to me. And then if they are talking to you, and you don't ackowledge them because you think they're on the phone, they get all ticked off. Sheesh!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I really can't tell you the last time I used my cell phone for CALLING. I pretty much only email. Yes- if only everyone would just email!


Mommy Instincts said...

i would call the "Snotty Voiced" guy's boss, and tell him that he is harassing you. I bet that'd stop the stalking. LOL.


my wonderful men... said...

Some of the phone calls that come in at work I would like to just scream into the phone - If I told you once I told you twice stop calling me _________.

I know where you are coming from.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Jen-That's a good idea! Then of course, I'll be a {insert bad word for female here}. Why oh why do we want to be liked?

Sarah said...

Cell phones have become so commonplace that this is just accepted. We need to write a book about Cell Phone Ettiquette.
We'd make a killing.

Brandi said...

I agree with you there are not any nice people anymore on the other line when you call somewhere.