Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring - Sours as the Day Grew Long

Wasn't it Garth Brooks that sang "Our lives are better left to chance", in the song The Dance? I thought so. He's right you know, not as if we have any say so in the matter for the most part. We can do all that we are supposed to do and MORE and some things don't turn out the way that we hope.

Yesterday, the first day of Spring started out hopeful, full of sunshine, birds singing, oh jeeze I had the day off work for goodness sakes, the day was already starting out great!

I've been counting my crazy points (for my new club, WW-Anon) and I'm coming in under the mark, able to eat a ton of food. I experimented with some filling breakfast ideas - seems that egg beaters a-la Aldi brand, are rather delicious with a sprinkle of cheese and a slice of tomato and mushroom. (not plural, just one, I rather hate those moldy dirty things) Very filling.
Happy and full, I took my shower and began scrubbing my bathroom, bedroom, doing laundry-you know normal Maid-in-Indiana duties. My mother, who is 79 years old, and practically homebound, called and asked that I come over. By the time I arrived, even though it was after noon, she had a small list of To-Do's for me. Washing her bedroom curtains, windows and her bathroom curtains and shower curtains, took me a few hours. Trying to scrub the Old Lady smell out of the dewy bathroom tile and tub (come on, you know the smell, I can't explain it for you) Took some elbow grease but I figured it was good for some activity points so I scrubbed harder.
What you might say does all that detailed work have anything to do with the happy arrival of spring? Nothing, it really doesn't, but yesterday my eldest Daughter was supposed to receive the results of a pregnancy test that would confirm or deny the answer to the burning question, Did the artificial insemination she had undergone the few weeks before work? My daughter and her husband have been trying unsuccessfully for a few years to conceive a child. This year she decided to go to a fertility specialist, and after a battery of exspensive testing for her and her husband, it was decided that nothing is wrong with them, they should try IUAI. Much like a chemistry experiment, plotting your cycle, watching your egg grow via ultrasound, taking hormones that wreck havoc with your moods and then injecting a serum that allows you to drop your eggs at what they think is a precise moment. The insertion of the hubby's sperm through the cervical opening (that really isn't "open" and hurts like hell) all that , and then do the same thing over the next day....then wait.
So,on this first day of Spring, my Daughter was to receive her results. I have to say she was prepared for the worst, she had a good spirit, was told that it may take several tries...all that.
She received news at work that morning that her new position as educator for respiratory therapists in clinical instruction was eliminated and she must return to a staff position. To her, that means the stress of working 10-2 hour shifts and midnights, afternoons, mingled with days. Her mostly weekday job would now include weekends and holidays. She's very upset.
Then the news that her insemination did not work. No pregnancy.
Is this all my news? You betcha. Having fell in love with that tiny face about 31 years ago, I still see all her disappointments and sadness as something that squeezes my heart and allows me to scream "It's Not Fair".
They are prepared to be optimistic about her job change and optimistic about another round of insemination. Yeah! Our lives are better left to chance? I think so, because we have so little to do with it anyways.

Happy Spring everybody!

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