Thursday, March 19, 2009

Honey, I joined a cult!

I didn’t have to shave my head, wear a robe and dance around the airport asking for “alms”, but yes, my faithful family and friends, I joined a cult.
Weight Watchers.
It’s totally Fatties Anon with Math! Swear! And I can say that, because I belong!
Counting points, constantly talking about food values, desperately discussing which cereal counts for less than 2 points and tastes like a large bag of Jay’s Sour Cream and Onion potato chips.(none), get the picture?
That cult. Whoo-wee, and boy is it! You know the type, hidden acts (the weigh in) behind closed or sheltered doors and a fearless leader trying to raise our squashed egos as we climb the ladder to skinny success.
I think they hated me.
I had some difficulty converting calories to points with my little slide rule that was given to me. I didn’t really believe it was “as easy as that!” when she told me the daily point value I should eat and drop pounds en masse.

We’ll see. Skeptical that I am, I found the dietary restriction =0, the advice regarding the food intake and the sound base for getting all my nutrients in and reducing portions, well, I can live with it. I just hope I can make a change enough to loose something, to get the pudge-a-moving. For all you weight watchers out there, hook a sistah up would you? I need some 1 point ideas!


Susan said...

You go girl! Count some points for me, too! I'm a WW Lifetime Member! I was at my goal weight for, uh, about a week-and-a-half back in, ahem, 1983. It was a lot stricter back then. At that time they basically followed the American Diabetes Assn. guidelines, or was it American Heart Assn.? Too long ago to remember.

I think the point system is at least a lot more forgiving. My sister was on it for a while and did pretty well on it.

Happy counting!

Robin said...

Congrats! I am excited to hear (read) about your progress. I like WW (cultish as it may be) and think it makes skinny jeans attainable - each person's favorite aka skinny jeans, not the denim/legging trend that looks good on exactly no one...just had to be clear ;)

Robin said...

skinny cow ice cream sandwiches are 2 points and sooo tasty!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Thanks for the Congrats guys...skinny jeans are but a dream. I'm looking to be able to sit comfortably in the jeans I've got! Or tie my shoes without straining my carotid and throwing out my back because my little tummy pouch is unforgiving and gets in the way.

Mimi's Toes said...

I was a member of that cult a year or more ago and need to get back on board. W.W. is the only thing that worked for me. There are so many 1 point foods out there, I will have to think and get back to you. Have you tried the W.W. bagels? or muffins? I use to eat a muffin, yogurt and boiled egg whites with Mrs. Dash seasoning for breakfast every morning...then changed it up by making an egg white omelet on W.W.english muffins or the W.W.bagels with a slice of cheese and spray zero cal.butter. Oh, and a slice of bacon...It carried you thru til lunch. You are making me want to rejoin that Cult, just talking about all the food choices and I remember how good I felt...You Go Girl!!!!