Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Auto Epitaph- You Ought Not To

So, you know that we humans are fascinating and strange creatures right? BAH! Of course you do, look at you, sitting there reading about strange creatures just as I. {insert strange creature type here} sit typing. It’s a circle of strange, maybe not so fascinating.
A little bit fascinating though and I continue, of course, but anyways, as I am an observer of all that is odd, an observer that aspires to higher heights than any normal “people watcher” classification, I came across an interesting slice of strange the other day whilst driving said ’98 Oldsmobile home from the office. (I say said, because I have considered it before en post, *Yawn* that I should soon shop for a newer vehicle, but am too cheap or frugal to do so; oh - not to mention lazy, did I elude to lazy? Yeah, that would be me)

I came off the exit ramp of my local interstate exit to merge onto a three lane highway, all lanes are pretty crowded, but no fears, merging is my strong suit, only to come to a dead stop behind a line of traffic. Nothing is more patient than a line of traffic at, oh say, five p.m. on any given work day, but whatev.
I’m wedged in between cars to the left and right of me and both in front and back of me. Now would not be a good time to pick my nose OR tweeze my chin hairs. So, I sit self -consciously glancing around. The car in front of me had the shiny back end of an old fashioned-made-new hearse. It was a type of SUV but low to the ground, beats me the make or manufacturer. But what was stenciled on the back window? A large Superman “S” in the symbol. I had to nudge closer to the bumper to read the writing. It read, Johnny Smith, Slipped into this world: 3/11/78 and Sleeps Peacefully 12/28/01. It was an auto-epitaph! I’ve seen it all! Try and trade that in. It’s not that I’m a hater of 21st century funeral practices and other such things, but wouldn’t our horse and buggy ancestors be shaking their shoulders and calling us strange?
Just sayin.


Robin said...

very odd indeed!

Tess said...

Jackee! Oh man. I HAVE MISSED YOU.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

God, I am lame, but I so missed you too! I cyber stalked you through Swistle. Please don't leave me again! (All typed in Times Roman, exclamaition point)

Robin said...

I saw one of these today! I couldn't wait to come tell you :)

But when I looked at the dates, I saw the person died at age 15 and it just made me really, really sad.


joanneinjax said...

You obviously don't live in the South, as I have been seeing auto epitaphs for several years. Of course, the most prevalent is one for a deceased NASCAR driver, who's name eludes me - Dale Earnhart, I think, complete with the number of his race car. Maybe these will become so popular that the "peeing mean boy" image will just fade away. I doubt it though.