Monday, March 23, 2009

Flailing Limbs? Seems I'm "IN"!

What a great weekend! I saved up all my points for pizza this weekend, let me just say- it was worth it.

The husband heard that this was the last showing of Riverdance in Chicago this weekend and surprised me with tickets. (he's good that way, all full of ticket-tron-trinkets to lure me to "date him"...honey I love ya!) It was Riverdance without the Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley – but I thought he had tiny little spinning feet and you all know what they say about men with tiny little feet. What Ev.

The show was totally entertaining, and now I am consumed with dancing a good leaping jig! (in mind only, because my tapping toes did not cooperate t'all) It looked as though the dancers were flying around the stage, legs darting at odd angles with those cool ½ tap and ½ pointe shoes…it was cool. If you ever have a chance to see it – Go, do so.

Click clack, clickety click click. Tap, tap, tappidytappidytappidytapiddy tap tap. It was more rhythmic than I can type on a Monday morning. I wonder how many calories those dancers burn. Quite a-lot I imagine from their skinny little limbs a-flailing. Great end to the weekend, that dancing and the pizza. Seriously doubting loosing weight on this diet, I'm eating more than I have ever before, AND I got to have pizza points. We'll see, maybe I'm doing something wrong.

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