Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Made a list, but I forgot where I put it

Does that sound familiar to you? I always love making a list for “To Do’s” or shopping lists, or whatever. Seldom do I remember to use the list, but making it has perks, like when you were a kid and had to write and re-write your spelling words...then you remembered them.
So, I’m trying to make a list for the vacation I’m about to embark upon. (Sorry to rub it in for those of you who must stay and endure the cold harshness that is the wild Midwest.)

1. Say “Happy Birthday” in advance to my first born. This will be the first birthday in 31 years that I have not shared with her.
2. Arrange for guest bloggers for the week…anyone care to take a stab?
3. Complete payroll for employees while gone (no one likes to return to pissed off, broke employees)
4. Buy snacks for the plane. (one bag of tiny peanuts - $10.50- does not a meal make!)
5. Charge the re-chargeable batteries for my camera.(I’m afraid to take my new camera – remember, Runs with Scissors title for a very good reason)
6. Paint toenails. A must for shoe less vacations everywhere, and I may even go and get a pedi if I have time, because when I paint my own toenails, it attracts attention – looks like I’ve been toe-stabbed and I’m bleeding out.
7. Do all available laundry (I don’t want to return with a pile of sandy, dirty laundry and add to this mess)
8. Make additional list for packing.

It’s all I've got for now, but I’ll probably lose this list, and have to make another. Maybe I should start posting my grocery list too on my blog, that way I’ll know where it is.
Well, this time next week, I’ll be sunburned and mind-fried. Speaking broken rigged up Spanish, longing for real American Mexican taco’s. (the food as I remember it in Mexico wasn’t that great the last time I was there, but the tequila is awesome!)


Susan said...

Pfllft! or however you write that thing where you stick your tongue out in derision and blow forcefully. How dare you torture us Midwestern-ers that way! I demand a retraction, or at least an invitation to go along. Hmmpf!

Painted toenails are the best, aren't they? Somehow I make myself believe if I have some startling color on my toes, it takes the emphasis off the 20 pounds I need to lose. I should go paint mine now.........

Oh, I'm back! Meant to tell you to have a glorious time and don't worry about us poor schmucks back here in the snow and ice. No, really, I mean it. I really, really do. Really.

Robin said...

Confession: I make lists of things I already did, just for the sweet satisfaction of crossing them off!

Treat yourself to a deserve it!

If you are still looking for guest posters, I would love to be one (this will give me inspiration to be a little more creative than I have been on my own blog!)