Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lunch Noise

Normally I read the paper during my daily caloric intake (that’s what I call “lunch” sometimes-GAH-it’s so unappealing) at the noon time hour. I 'm there, in the staff lounge, idly eating, conversing some and taking in less than 300 calories and a full 8 oz. bottle of H20. Today due to the medical centers furnace malfunction the kitchen area was too cold to sit in comfortably, and those of us who stayed in today, shared our noon meal in the conference room. You know, cushy high-backed swivel chairs, soft muted music, long ass table, conference room. The conversation was interesting, and if I had to step back and just listen in, I think every day conversation is really pretty OUT there!

The conversation included recent movie releases (two thumbs up for Marley and Me – but a D- for 7 Pounds starring Will Smith) and TV shows (The Bachelor was a hot topic, although I am not personally a fan of reality shows) and flowed steadily into bodily afflictions. Hey, come on, we’re a medical facility, so our chats regularly revolve around bodily functions and afflictions, not to gross anyone out mind you, but if you have a squeamish stomach, stay away, listener beware! I don’t know how the conversation got to it, but we ended up pondering the common house fly and whether or not it pooped and peed. We all could agree upon having viewed tiny black specks, assuming that it was fly poop, but what about fly urine? Or any bug urine for that matter. Then we talked about the life cycle of a maggot to fly.

How is your day going? As you can see, fairly well, why my blog posts are far and few, when fly poop and the pondering of such is what my Google searches now consist of. No luck on the poop or urine facts. And how is YOUR Tuesday shaping up?


Susan said...

I'm pretty sure my "caloric intake" for the day is in the millions today. Not how I envisioned the start of my new "healthy me" resolution. ((sigh))

Maybe a fly poops and pees together like chickens. Their urine is kind of at the end of the poop and shows up as white. Hope you aren't eating dinner while you're reading this!

Lisa said...

Well, let's see? I'm supposed to be resting as much as possible and wanted to start eating better. So far I had to "run" into Meijer for dinner fixings, and then now we are eating turkey chilli, turkey hot dogs, and french fries. I didn't even manage to sneak a vegetable in there. That's how my day is going. All I know is in about 5 minutes I have a date with Jack Bauer, and the day is sure to get better.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

OOOOHHHH, chicken poop and pee at the same time? So that gooey mess is both excrements? Ok, now, that makes sense. I'm still searching. Wouldn't you know it, strange as conversation is, people actually ponder such oddities.