Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's All In a Name....or Not

What’s up with the Palin family and their excruciating effort to name their children something that will be creative, unique and will stand apart from all the other children in pre-K? I mean, um, come ON, Tripp, Track, Trigg, Bristol and Piper?

I’ve noticed that celebrities have also jumped on the Name that Kid bandwagon, and decidedly and purposely named their offspring simple nouns {Apple} and flowers {Violet} and days of the week {Sunday}. ????

What happened to Kevin? And Susan, Peter, Mary, Ellen, George and Patty?

Gone by the wayside to modern names like Camden, Lincoln, Sydney, Kennedy, and Blue.

I’ve long been fascinated by the names that are placed onto children. In my time, I’ve witnessed a Harry Nipple and a Richard Head. I’ve witnessed Gertrudes and Edith’s placed on sweet infant girls, long before they grow into those names. I’ve often wanted to grab the phone and call up the parents to ask them “What were you thinking?”

It’s not about YOU mom and dad. It’s the one of the first self-less acts one bestows onto your newborn. What might they live up to? What might uplift their life’s journey? Dollie Blue? Pleeese! It isn’t about what you like, but what the world may perceive. Reading mommie blogs now and again, there is much ado about nursing and when to quit. (When the child is old enough to ask for it, please, put it away!) About homeschooling and not immunizing the kids. Again, let’s think about what is best for the child. Would you really want to send your kid out into the big world unprepared? And named Turkey Bone Bumpstead?

My mother used to have a good saying when I was a new mom, she told me, “raise your children with one arm holding them close to you and one arm pushing them away”. Think about it. We are given the task of creating a warm loving environment, one that can nurture a child safely into their youth, giving them all the support that is needed to help them to be confident and independent and then we name them something like Tippy. Take one step forward and two steps back.


Susan said...

And to think, my kids have been peeved at me all their lives because I dared to SPELL their names slightly off the norm (Jaye and Aimee). Thank goodness, for all the weirdos out there naming their kids stuff they're going to hate in ten years, there are some who are going with the more traditional names like Emma, Kate, etc.

You forgot Suri, Rumer, Tallulah and Scout!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Scout maybe my newest granddaughter's name. Didn't forget, just an omission.

Susan said...

I actually like the name Scout, being an enormous fan of Harper Lee and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Robin said...

Great post!

You are totally right about names. We actually worried that Micah was too different (even though it is actually a biblical name, just lesser-known) but his name is probably the most tame of the babies in our childbirth class - Risa, Colby, Bashion, Huxley, etc...

I also agree with you about nursing, old enough to ask, too old to get! We actually just finished weaning Micah (right around 7 mos) because he was getting so hard to feed given his interest in the world and new found mobility and strength. And as much as I admire moms who pump, I just couldn't do it - a few clogged duct experiences, and I was finished!

Have a great day my dear Jackee!

Robin said...

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