Friday, January 16, 2009

Fffffun Fffffact Fffffriday (The Frozen Edition)

It’s freezing in N.W. Indiana – and I mean literally. With wind chill factors the temp is -22 degrees in some areas, and some colder. We’ve been hit by snow and more snow and now these cold temps.
It makes me want to curl into a ball.
Instead, I’m resurrecting Ffffun Ffffact Fffffriday.

*First Fact, I’m freezing! My nose is cold, my feet haven’t thawed from my drive in to work, and this cold weather makes my trigeminal nerve fire up and inflict pain and aches to my face, neck and ear.

*Warm beverage alert. Although coffee dehydrates you, it’s so yummy don’t you agree? I like to add sugar and cream to mine, and sometimes I add Hershey’s chocolate syrup – did you know that Hershey’s chocolate syrup is fat free?

*I thought I saw a polar bear on my way in, but alas, Indiana doesn't harbor fugitive bears trying to ditch the Arctic cold (Sucka!!!) Did you know that polar bear skin is black? Their hair is hollow, and light colored to absorb the heat from the sun and hold it longer, and their hollow hair shaft keeps them warmer when wet.

*Polar bears are mean, not cuddly.

*The cold makes me want to hibernate and work on my projects, and although I was invited out to dinner tonight, I may just do so. I have a slight addiction to scrapbook paper and recently have added scrapbook letters of all sorts to my addiction. I must get to scrapping. Otherwise it looks like a collection of sorts.

*I am well on my way to one of my new year goals. I bought some cool new fuzzy slim hangars to help organize my closet. You can view them here. I’ll let you know how they work out. My sis-in-law uses them and said it saves her a ton of space in the closet.

*14 more days until I leave this sucky weather for Mexico. Kids, can you say “I’m outta here?”

*Taking a warm weather break in the winter really speeds spring/summer along. Yeah, I know! Can’t wait.

*True story, my co-worker discovered that her cat had died in her living room, laying on a little pillow. They saw him laying there on Wednesday – and didn’t check to see if he were alive until Friday morning when they noticed he hadn’t moved. (and was stiff I guess) Poor Kitty. RIP

*I will have to be sedated when my Casper goes to his Final Reward. Just sayin folks, be prepared.

*I brought a cold sandwich and yogurt for lunch....what was I thinking????


Sarah said...

*Interesting polar bear factiods.
*Quit bragging about the warm weather or else I might just stow away with you.
*You know how I'm going to deal with my kitties deaths....not well. I saw a bunny this morning out in the cold and felt SO bad for him I almost started crying!

Susan said...

Spring can't come soon enough for me! It was -13 here and I thought that was bad enough. Especially having to go out and take care of the chickens. I feel bad for real farmers who have to spend their life outdoors in miserable weather.

I definitely wouldn't want to encounter a polar bear up close and personal. A little weirdness going on behind me, as I was typing this there was a World Wildlife Fund ad on TV about saving....polar bears!

Mimi's Toes said...

Oh girl, you are so lucky escaping this ice box soon. I am counting down the days til I will be too and can't wait til my vacation out of this and sitting at the edge of the ocean with my feet in the warm sand, which reminds me, I need to book my flight....That is terrible about that cat. I have a fear of my aging doggy doing the same thing one day.