Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So, My daughter had a post that talks about Christmas Wish List's if you could wish for anything you wanted - cost didn't, I thought, here goes.

My Wish List, by Jackee G
1. A shiny new car. any make, must have CD player and nice cup holder. God, I'm easy.
2. A class in Digital SLR photography. And then Photoshop.
3. A Cricut thing-a-ma-bob to make my own cut out letters for scrapbooking, and lots of font cartridges.
4. Aruba. nuff said.
5. A personal trainer. It could be Hugh Jackman, just a thought.
6. Black nice leather boots with a 3" inch heel only.

And if cost were not a factor,
7. A new house accross the street and down the road, a ranch with a open concept living room/kitchen/dining room and three bedrooms, two baths, full basement, walk-in closets and a seperart laundry room with a large walk-in pantry.

And beyond all that material stuff...
I wish all my children good health and prosperity in 2009. My brother to secure a better and more steady employment along with better health. My mother to lighten up and enjoy her life, such as it is.


Susan said...

Ooh, I want that same house! I'm so tired of climbing stairs and having chopped up living spaces.

Mary Buek said...

Your mother sounds exactly like my mother. I have always wondered what makes my mom so unhappy, suspicious, and negative. I guess as her child, I'll never know. But I wish she would try Prozac for a while.

My Wonderful Men said...

I'll put in a good word to Santa for you. And I hope you get all the things you asked for.

Dianna said...

You admit that you're *easy*...?
(tee hee)

Yep, I thought you were easy until #7....;)