Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dog Gone It!

He's black. He's shiny. He's loyal and sweet.

Did I ever tell you about my Dawg? Maybe I did, but who's gonna read through all those archives? Not me, I dare you.

Anyways. Where was I? Oh, yep, my D A WWWG.

He's swell.

I really was through with pets. We'd just gotten rid of the family cats by dispersing them to the adult children as they moved out. The family dog I'd inherited with the blending of our families had suffered a few years of bad health and was finally laid to rest. (that's a term used when you put them to rest....never again, I just can't do it, I say, NEVER again, my pet will be on a heart and lung machine..)

So, when my husband brought home a stray from work, well, I said, NO, he can stay the night, sleep in the garage and he's going back in the morning. He didn't.

I came home from work, checked the back yard and since it was dark outside, I didn't see him sitting politely on the deck right up to the sliding glass door's dark screen. When I opened the door to get a better look, he came right into the house. Alarmed, I watched as he wagged his tail, but sniffed his way around the house. Sitting myself down gently into the recliner, I laid back, covering my legs with a warm afghan. He nibbled at the edge of the coverlet, and I yelled, "Hey stop it". He dropped to the ground, laid right by my feet. Sh*t, he's trained, I thought, I'm doomed. I thought about it, and kept glancing at him. He just laid there sweetly, waiting. My husband came home a little later, and when he opened the door, surprised to see the dog in the house after I'd created such a fuss, he called, "What's this?".

"His name is Casper, and he's a good boy" I replied.

And he's ours.

That was two years ago. He's spoiled and loved, but he gives us more affection than either of us can handle. He loves all the people that come into our house like long lost friends. He's 70 lbs. of lap dog...loves to snuggle. I took this picture on Thanksgiving of him settled in with us.
Still learning how to use my Wicked Cool birthday camera. Hadn't had the time to watch the DVD that came with it, so I'm winging it. Seems that portraits I take of people are too bright too much light. But the black dog, he came out pretty good. My former camera couldn't take a picture of that black dog for ANYthing. He was a shiny black blob.
Maybe Santa will give me photography lessons. Yeah, with Hugh Jackman as the instructor! In Austraila yet.
sorry, I got carried away. A girl can dream can't she?


Susan said...

Jackee, your Casper is beautiful. I love German Shepherd faces. When you're taking indoor portrait shots, try standing back farther and zoom in. It helps with the too-bright flash.

Robin said...

Casper is a handsome boy. Domesticating dogs was probably the smartest thing humans ever did!

Carbon Based said...

I think you mean domesticating humans was the smartest thing dogs ever did.:)

My Wonderful Men said...

He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I love that picture, I want to huge and kiss my computer he is so cute!

Mimi's Toes said...

He looks just like a statue!