Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mix of Summer and Fall

This weekend past, I spent the day with my six year old buddy, my granddaughter the Little Miss. She and I share alot of common interests, which makes spending our moments together great fun. Of course, she probably just likes some "gramma time", and those common interests are six year old fun no matter WHO she's spending the time with. But anyway, we took what we like to call an adventure. That's where we take a lunch and go to a nearby park and hike, take photos and just adventure around.

This time, I gave her my old digital camera to use, and I was able to mess with my new one. (Did I mention that I want to marry my new camera?)
Pause for an ode to camera.

So, here are just a few, a pictorial review of the first of many fall days. We dodged both mosquitos and the falling Sugar Maple leaves.
The Old Mill, present in the park where most of our "adventures" take place.

My little photographer, zooming in on flora that caught her eye. Notice happy meal box in the background, yeah, that was lunch, we were not littering, just using the box for our leaf collection.
I was playing with some light, in the darkness under a gazebo.

We gathered some leaves, ones that caught her eye, and pressed them between waxed paper when we got back home. Won't these photo's be a nice addition to her leaf collection and memory book? I know they were a great addition to mine!


Susan said...

Jackee, you're making excellent use of your new camera! Beautiful granddaughter and beautiful pictures! I know what you mean about marrying the camera. I have the D50 which they no longer make, but it makes even inept photograpers like me look good.

Lisa said...

Very nice! That is a great camera. I know exactly where you were, I've been there, and they have some amazing photo ops. I'm hoping for a new camera for my birthday too.

Robin said...

Little Miss is beautiful!!!