Sunday, October 26, 2008

I *Heart* you Blog Buddies, Come Back, Come Back...

I'm Baack! Did you all miss me? (note to self: ask others to guest post on blog while you are gone next time...come on, you have friends in blog places, it'll be fun)

Well, I'm home from said business trip to Orlando. I've been so busy and so tired trying to catch up that I've not had time to stop and share a thought or two on my lonely blog.
First things first.

Hey! What happened to the trees in Northwest Indiana? While I was gone a measley week, all the leaves turned, and some trees are already bare now. Too fast, and today, I might add, I'll need a winter coat!

Second. Orlando is still hot and muggy in August. Screw Disney World, give me an air conditioned room anywhere! It's not the state, nor time of year for menopausal women in a 60% polyester suit. Whoo boy, got some major meltdown there! I had to attend a briefing on proper Disney protocol (taken from excerpts of Disney University - it's what's known as an in-service type of class that all Disney workers attend to teach them the "Disney speak" and other customer service related skills ) Such as calling employees "cast members", and the areas that guests can see are "on stage" but those they cannot see are "back stage", etc.

Now, I'm back to work, my own work piled high on my desk, a new employee to train, full swing into cold/flu season. I'm declared Biz-zee until Christmas.

I missed you all too - so my post will be brief, so I might read what others are up to. Promise I'll write more soon.


Lisa said...

When my FIL worked for Disney we read through his manual. Wow...they even had pictures for how you should have your hair cut, and the correct way to tie a scarf. But the perks for working for Disney are pretty good! Glad you're back. I got hit with a nasty head cold here. Not fun.

Susan said...

Welcome back, Jackee! You've been on the bottom of my blogroll for 2 weeks, now you're back near the top!

My Wonderful Men said...

Welcome back to the cold, I'd take hot and muggy any day.

I hope you have pictures for us.

Petunia Face said...

I missed you! Welcome back sugarsmack!