Sunday, October 5, 2008

Itchy and bitchy

See those lovely falling leaves we caught below? We then pressed them into wax paper in a book with blank pages that the Little Miss is going to use to display her "leaf collection". We had so much fun on that quiet Sunday afternoon.

Now I'm itching. And bitching. I can't sleep, my neck and forehead and face has blotchy swollen patches.

It's the poison ivy itch. And it's spreading.

It's why I named the blog "Runs with scissors". If I could trip I would, and my granddaughter luckily has escaped the doomed rash.
Sorry, I better go disinfect my keyboard and you ad better too!


Lisa said...

You have got to be kidding?!? I'm so sorry to be laughing because it's really not funny. I hope you are itch free soon.

Dianna said...

Good Lordy woman...
Just remember sweet Little Miss's face as you were spending time together. Maybe it will at least help you smile through the itching and b*tching*!*

My Wonderful Men said...

You need a picture book before going back outside so you know to stay away from the itchy ones.
You poor thing.