Thursday, June 19, 2008

Putzing Around

What a great blog! And a cool contest, with a coveted prize, a blog re-design from Be Design! I covet thee!
Mel has a good design and a fun and interesting blog, so I called her out for it. Also, the deadline for her contest is Friday, June 20th. Hurry, the competition is fierce. Visit her here, Mel, A Dramatic Mommy.

So, today, I took one of those “mental health” days we call PTO. I slept in a little, did a load of laundry, got my oil changed, and shopped.
I bought Tresor. I love Tresor.
It’s my signature “single girl” scent. I used to use Tresor as my scent on all date nights when I was a single girl. It brings back the part of me that is tantalizing, RIGHT HONEY? By the way, did you know that Lancome had a free gift for ME?
And then I bought this. To feed my hunger for fun, summer reading. Little did I know that my daughter bought it last night, and my other daughter a few states away, bought it too. All the girls are doing it. Where have I heard that one before?

Then, I wandered into dangerous territory. Misses separates. OOOOOOhhhhhh. I bought three cute summer tops. And shorts. Evil bane of existence, shorts. Not these,

Or these.And, unless you try them on, which I hate to do, shorts can be tricky. We'll see, I'm not convinced I'll keep the two pairs I bought, I'll keep the tags on just in case.

Now, I’m searching for a blog post, but alas, Blogger is down. Giving me trouble. This staying home, putzing around is the big CHEESE! Cheese brings me to dinner, something I’d better get cracking on. Adieu til tomorrow!

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Melanie said...

Thanks so much for linking to me! I really appreciate it!