Friday, June 20, 2008

6 Random Thoughts or Fun Facts Friday - YOU CHOOSE

I gotta face it. I’m in a slump. And as far as slumpiness goes, I’m reading on other blogs that I am not alone. Almost everyone is stretching for things to write about in the blog world, and some do it with really great panache. I don’t, in comparison, but I will try as I might to SNAP OUTTA IT!. Could be that this “Summer” season of open air fun is encroaching on computer time. Unless you are a late-nighter. Late Night is the PERFECT computer time, but alas, I sleep.

So, while blog hopping the other day, I found this on Manager Mom’s blog a contest and a meme in one. 6 random thoughts! Ok, I’ll take that – and combine it with a Fun Fact Friday kind of deal.

1. I’m an addictive personality. Some are harmless, some not so much. (that nicotine nastiness that bites me in the ass, even though I've condensed it to a few a day) One thing I cannot resist, and that is shopping. I shop to make myself feel better, to feel that there is hope – and hope is in the items I buy. Like clothes. Like books. Like shoes, and stuff for my granddaughters and yes, I’m one of those, I buy Christmas presents year round. ACH! Don't look under my bed. Buying gifts is a twofold purpose, it feeds my need to shop, to touch all the new and shiny things, ooooohhhh, and to keep Santa alive and well. You should see our Christmas’s! Glutttony!

2. I once collected owls. I can't even believe I am admitting this. Once thought to bring good fortune if you had an owl in your home, I thought they symbolized wisdom, beauty, nature, and mystery. Oh, and good fortune. Come on, who among you has spotted an owl in your every day life, other than in the zoo? See, a mystery. I sold them all in a garage sale a few years later, keeping only one or two that were special gifts. The whole good fortune, wisdom, mystery thing didn’t work for me. But hey, it was the 70’s, and I was moving on to that “country” style of decorating that the 80’s suburbia was so popular for. I KNOW. I know, I contributed to both decades tasteless trends.
3. Halloween is my favorite time of year. Besides all the CANDY a sugar addicted kid/mom could hope for, dressing up in costumes that range from gory to glamorous, well, SIGN me UP! I love autumn too. I’m a sucker for anything with leaves. The fall color pallatte… Perhaps I was a tree in another life. Who knows.
4. I was once a stripper at a club named Razzle Dazzles (after the candy/gum of the same name) and my stripper name was Green Velvet (it was the 70’s). I bumped & grinded it on that stage for about two years, until a zealous truck driver we’ll call Ted, lunged at my super hot silicone boobies from the tables below the stage, crushing one of the terrific tits until it hung sideways below my left arm. I was never the same, as my tepid tips didn’t afford me the extra cash to reconstruct the depleted sack-o-silicone. I’ve moved on. 5. #4 was a lie to see if you were paying attention.

6. I once dreamed of being a rock star. I can’t sing or play an instrument with any great talent, but I can be LOUD, and Sassy, and I had great Hair that I could swish about from side to side in time to a tune. Ba, da, dump. (cymbals crash)

7. Bonus Randumness!!!!! Since #4 was a lie, I’ll write a random EXTRA. Um, I have a longing to create stuff. I used to draw portraits and sketch away countless hours. Art and it's many mediums were a way of life to me, the expression of art a need, like needing oxygen or food. As my life developed and time was always an issue, the practical Jackee used her creative gifts to decorate and to sew. I sewed quite a bit of my children’s clothes and my own, back when it was cheaper to do so. Adjusting patterns to make new fashions that didn’t all look exactly alike. I collected fabric and made quilts. I had a real knack for hand quilting, making my neat tiny little stitches so even and straight, almost like that of my Sears sewing machine. I made quilt tops for all of my children, hoping that I would have time to finish them in the years after all the kids were flown from the coop, I’d have time to enjoy that. Time has a cruel joke for those who wait…arthritis and eyesight hinders the quilt tops from being completed. I will persevere; however, I think my kids will not be as thrilled to use them as I will to make them.Maybe I’ll do this from time to time; it’s a slump buster for sure. If you are so moved, you too are tagged – for 6 random thoughts.


Sarah said...

You freakin' scared me with #4! Stuff you DON'T want to hear about your mother.

Susan said...

Uh, are you my twin sister?

1. Made a macrame owl in the 70's.
2. Made kids' and my clothes on a SEARS sewing machine.

3. Also addictive, personality-wise.
4. Love Super Nanny and Jon & Kate.

Sheesh, getting goose bumps here!