Friday, June 13, 2008

I'll take cream and sugar with that Challenge, Thank You very much!

Friday the 13th. Sigh. I’m usually not very superstitious, but I’ve had a draining week, filled with bad news, bad vibes, and nasty in general. I want to take a nap; instead, I sit at work, with piles of work. PILES. And yet I blog.
If ever you’ve read my blog and wondered about the title; well, it describes me. Truly describes me, I often act without caution and jump before looking etc. The result is often hilarious to others, and sometimes even to me. As I sit here typing in my office, I’ve realized that the brown eyeliner I used to line my eyes in the haze of the early morning light, was really lip-liner in a dark shade called Cabernet, my eyes look as though I’ve been sobbing really hard for days. I tried to “fix” it, and it smudged really deep Cabernet circles around my lids, so I put on some black eye liner to tone down the deep maroon. Now my Uncle Fester look is complete. Hope your happy Friday the 13th is not all mucked up with accidental mishaps!

So, before I suck you all down the drain with me, I’ll take a challenge from one of my friends, one of my posse, my peeps, and a truly talented blogger, who we all enjoy. (That sounded like an introduction – let’s give a round of applause for “Petuniafacedgirl – formerly known as Petunia Face-The Original” clap, clap, and clap.)

1. What did I do 10 years ago?
On the brink of a life change, from single mom of 3 teen-aged kids, happily carefree and single, I became enamored with my best male friend, my neighbor, who had 3 kids of his own. I refused to become romantically involved on the outside, but on the inside, I kind of liked him. Ahh, young love. I didn’t want to re-marry, was perfectly content to be single forever, but I wanted to share my life with him. Scared to death, I made the plunge, a few years later, still reluctant. But at the 10 year mark, I was in shape, in control, loved life and at the top of my game.
2. Five items on my to do list today.
One: Finish this post
Two: Finish pile one on my desk
Three: Cheer up my un-employed brother, who needs all our prayer right now.
Four: Swim with husband after dinner or get shoulder massage. Either would be fine.
Five: Father’s Day? I’ve got to herd the gang into their gift.
3. Snacks I enjoy.
Did you ever see that commercial with a little piggy running through this smartly dressed young women’s home, leading her to a bag of chips in the kitchen? Flat Earth Chips in Wild Berry. I can suck down the bag in one sitting. (Who can’t?) My homemade quaccamole with chips is another favorite snack. Of course, for a delicious snack on the run, Good and Plenty! You can see, I’m not only gourmet, organic, but with this sophisticated snack I’m also into Retro-snacking. Very shabby chic at the club, baby.
4. What would I do if I were a billionaire?
First I would hire a personal trainer, and get in shape and loose weight. This may take a few months, with the Good and Plenty and all.
With decreasing value of the dollar, I don’t think that this next gesture would have as much impact today, as when it was written, say on Monday. I would in fact fill my gas tank, and those of my friends and loved ones. Billion gone.

5. Places I would live.
Ohhhh, I would love to live in the south of France, if I were thin. Cheese and wine and sun. I would love to live in Oregon, and in the “shires” of New Zealand in Hobbitland, because it’s so pretty in both of these places, almost magical. Colorado is lovely, and I would end up there I am sure.
Bloggers I am passing this challenge to:
SpoonfullofSarah, because she LOVES a challenge and because her answers will be fun. whose wit and humor I am enjoying, and because she is the new girl, she should have to expose herself to the blog world through these tags sooner rather than later.
Robin was just blessed with a brand new baby boy! Congratulations! She may need a non-Johnson & Johnson scented task to bring her from new baby- momma -land back down to earth. Take your time. We’ll wait. Have fun first.
And any others of you that would love to skip out on seriousness for a minute or two? Consider yourself Tagged!


Fannie Mae said...

I sneak Good and Plenty into movie theaters because none of them sell it there any more.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

It might even be considered a "diet" food, because of its' tendency towards Laxitive qualities! I love that it's pink, it's white, it's black. DEE-Lish!

Manager Mom said...

I'll tackle the snack issue.

1) Quaker Caramel Rice Cakes with a wedge of Babybel Light Swiss cheese.

2) Fresh strawberries with Vanilla Cool whip.

3) Lindt white chocolate truffles.

Yummmm. thanks for the diversion.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Ohhh, Manager Mom, your snacks are so much more delectable than mine!

Petunia Face said...

I love the cabernet eyeliner--SO something I would have done!

Thanks for the fab "intro" :)

Susan said...

Oh my god, I thought I was the only person on earth who likes Flat Earth Wild Berry chips! Everyone I offer them to thinks they taste "weird". Whut?