Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wo-man's Best Friend

What might be considered woman's best friend? In the dreamy romantic period of my life, I might have pointed to said husband and claimed him my best friend. Newly wed, caught up in doing just about everything together...ew, rose your glucose level just a tad bit now didn't I?
"I didn't mean it ARE my best friend". Crap, I've gotten myself into a pickle now - I'll have to work harder at being a good wife to make amends. To keep the hubby happy.

This week, I don't have to work at all . This week, I don't have to cook, to clean,to share the remote, share the bed even! I can fold the covers back like a little envelope and slide myself in at night, all tucked and neat. Not to be disturbed by the Tug-O-Blanket war that ensues each night (not caused by me at all, despite what HE says).
WHY is that you might ask? Did said husband finally catch on to the ruse that is Jackee, discovering her blunders unamusing and he did flee to parts unknown? Well, sorta.

t's his annual fishing trip, one shared with twelve other fishermen of the He-man Women hater's club that is also known as his Church Guys That Fish. I am left to my own devices.
{Pause for reaction}
HOOORRRRAAHHHH! I've spent the hours so far, blogging, eating weight watcher's bagels and started reading a new book. I've pet the dog, drank a pot of coffee and so far, so far, have not even got out of my nightgown. I promised Casper, the wonder dog, a jog down the street, after I get dressed of course. This will be all my time. To do what I WANT WITH NO INTERRUPTIONS!

So, to some, Wo-man's best friend, might be a topic chosen for entirely different albeit understandable reasons (like a charge card to enable shopping sprees, a new kitchen gadget, new "gadget", Ipod, or favorite purse even) mine is featured here.

The soulful eyes of man's best friend. In man's absence, becomes wo-man's best friend. I feel safe and protected, comforted and less lonely. He's a great listener and I trust his fashion judgement. He loves to exercise with me, to nap with me, and even sits aside my chair as I scrapbook. I think he'd like to give it a try, but without thumbs, he has a hard time with fine, detailed work.

We are off to start our week, An adventure without fish guts!


Susan said...

Love those sweet puppy eyes! Love those little vacations from the hubby! Your description of the bed covers is perfect. When I sleep alone, I can get up the next morning and with one little tug and tuck, the bed is made. Enjoy your week!

Bacardi Mama said...

I'll be you on May 17 when my hubby leaves on his fishing trip. Don't tell him, but I can't wait. I may even take a day off work.

Robin said...

Casper is so sweet!!!

Mimi's Toes said...

Oh, how sweet! They ARE our best friends! I have 2 of them.