Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

I didn’t buy my dog for protection, though he looks fierce and barks a large scary bark. I adopted my dog because he was a stray and needed a good home; he listened right away to my commands, didn’t pee on the furniture and didn’t eat the carpet. He loved me, my husband and my granddaughter from the minute I let him stay inside the house. You all agree that we tend to love things that love us – unconditionally – back. We admire their taste.

Casper as you can see from post below and from archived posts is totally black, a Chow/Shepard mix. He weighs in at about 70 lbs. and his bark is definitely worse than his bite. He is LOUD and very territorial. When dogs cross in front of our walk, he barks so loudly at them and very aggressively at them instilling fear in all of our neighbors and their children. I do not let him bark in the house otherwise he’d bark out the open windows and scare the crap out of everyone.
So, last evening, Casper and I were lounging sprawled all over the living room, me in my recliner, Casper at my slipper clad feet, when out of the darkness that is also known as the kitchen-without-the-lights-turned-on, a loud clatter and BANG! (even my adrenaline shot up a little) when Casper’s 70 lb. self jumped onto my lap for comfort.
Yes. 70. lbs.
You heard right.
Now, you know my husband has “gone fishing”, and this manor is being headed by the queen of the household while he’s gone, but that was just a little silly. I guess we kept Casper for his ability to make fertilizer in the backyard, or for being good at party tricks like Sit, Shake and Dance, but not for his ability to protect a fearful mistress. It was just the wooden door jam in the slider door falling.

Lucky for him I’m not so fearful. I’m enjoying my husband’s-away-the-wife-will-play time, by watching t.v., taking the dog for a walk, and although sticking to my points, (down 5 lbs. now) I’m kinda eating junk instead of dinner. I’ve not done all the things that I put on my list, like clean out drawers and closets, scrapbook, exercise and read a few books. Um no.
Tonight is Grey’s Anatomy.
Nuff said.

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Robin said...

love a 70 lb lap dog!