Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crossed Over

I've crossed over.

No gasping please, I'm not typing to you from the Great Beyond- ghost blogging, now what a concept, it's just that I realize that I've crossed over from one stage of life to another. Just another rift in the generational divide, and yep, I'm there.

Evidence: While shopping at Target, I approached a 20-something guy while looking through the rack of cd's. He has huge plugs of plastic in his ear lobes, not like earrings, just like plugs. I think: "hey bud, what did you want to go and do that for?", but I say nothing, mesmerized by his giant earlobes. Someday he can use it for an ear of corn holder.

Evidence: Easter Sunday Mass. My church is homey and informal. It's pretty liberal and progressive as far as Catholic churches go. I mean we clap during the Alleluia for crying out loud! My revelation? I wasn't dressed in poofy skirt and Easter bonnet by no means, but I wasn't wearing jeans and a hoodie! The family (mom, dad, three school aged children) in front of me had on hoodies and jeans. Jeans! There was a few baptisms. One a young mother, in a white blouse and JEANS on EASTER SUNDAY. I'm so like the church lady - passing judgement on thier clothing. Shame on me. I've crossed over.
I'm a stodgy middle aged mom/grandma with my own set-in-her-ways-not-shoving-them-down-your-throat-but-expressing-"concern" type way. OMG!

Evidence: I use finger quotes alot.

Evidence: I actually like green beans now.

WHAT happened to me?
Some stuff doesn't matter to me at all anymore. I hardly ever get my nose out of joint when I see dust on my t.v., forget and don't care to water my plants, watch all my t.v. shows including the 10 o'clock pm. news on channel 2, and I put on a sweater when I get chilled instead of a hoodie.
(the hood bothers the back of my hair)

I've crossed over. That's whats happened. (hey, remember Crossing Over, the television show starring John Edward, who was a tv psychic type guy who talked to the audience's dead relatives? Whatever happened to that bloke? I'm not English, am I allowed to use the word bloke?)
Anyways, I'm rambling on. This is a rambling post to say, I got nothing, mostly boring junk, but I didn't want you all to miss me so I hurried up an typed a post.


Susan said...

We're all crossing over, hon, and becoming our mothers, or aunts, or someone you said you would never be like. It happens. I don't think it's all bad. Hey, I wear my mom's white cotton gloves to bed to moisturize my hands!

Whatzit with the ear HOLES anyway? It kinda freaks me out, to say the least. Geez, you could toss a baseball through some of the ones I've seen! Wonder what those babies will look like in about thirty years or so?

Sarah said...

You would have KILLED us if we wore jeans to church. It's disrespectful!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

I HAVE THOSE SAME GLOVES!!! Loaded with 20 years of used vaseline, (washed yes, but vaseline leaves a residue....)

I know, I hear what you are saying. I don't MEAN to be all judgy.

yeah, the holes are just gross. He'll not look good as the bank manager now will he?

CottageGirl said...

Hey JackeeG!
I love your sense of humor! I agree with Susan. We all turn into our mothers or the old crotchety woman down the block. I'm a teacher and that makes me even MORE crotchety!

At least you're aware ... and isn't that always the first step? ;-)

Robin said...

Ha! I have that feeling sometimes and I am 30. 30! WTF will I be fussy about at 40? 50? At least I know I will be in good company!