Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BAAAAD Blogger - Yes, that's me

I've been a baaaaad blogger.
I've not blogged so much in the past few weeks, like so many others I've been looking for inspirations, for unusual things to blog about, ANYTHING but blogging about the real me.

I've lost 2 lbs.
My husband is going away for the week on a annual men only, OHYES,IGET TOSLEEPDIAGONNALLYONTHEBEDANDEATPOPCORNANDGOODNPLENTYFORDINNER fishing trip!
I'll be lonely.
Perhaps I'll blog more.
I'll probably exercise more too!
I won a cool book from the link below.
I've been reading blogs, just not writing my own.
See, I've got nothing really interesting to say.
My daughter is walking in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Won't you please leave her a donation? She walks for my dear friend Rochelle, who lost a long struggle with breast Cancer at a very young age. I should walk on her team too, and would, but who can raise the outrageous amount of donations JUST TO WALK! I beg of you, support this cause.
I'm making a delicious spaghetti sauce tonight for dinner, along with whole wheat angel hair pasta, I'm getting so healthy I could just puke. But this dieting-eating-healthy deal, needs balance, like, that's why they call it a balanced I'm eating some Good-n-Plenty right now.
My sauce has fake meat in it. Who knew that fake meat could be so tasty! It's Morningstar breakfast crumbles. Seasoned like breakfast sausage, it really is tofu tidbits that can be mixed with ground turkey or ground beef or added alone to spaghetti sauce to make a nutritious and yummy sauce. Not bad, not very fattening either. Filling too.
Farmers everywhere should love me, I've been hawking the glory of this fake meat for a few months now. I predict the soy market will go off the charts this growing season, so much chatter I've generated regarding this meat substitute. Go right now and try some. Sprinkle it on top of a pizza as "sausage", it's super that way.
Well, it's ready, and I'm ready to set the table, so keep reading folks. I promise to come up with crafty posts soon.

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Susan said...

Jackee, we all get blogger's block every now and then. Well, not all of us it seems. There are some that are quite prolific. And anyway, isn't there a tag called "Blogging without Obligation"? You're doing this for yourself, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. I think you've had some very interesting posts lately.

Yay for the weight loss! I'm trying my darndest to lose a few myself and it ain't easy. The older I get, the harder it is.

I really should try the breakfast crumbles in my sauce. I usually substitue lots of chopped mushrooms to feel like meat, but the crumbles would add protein. I tried regular tofu in it once and that was not good. BTW, the soybean farmers of Ohio want to thank you!

In case you don't go back and check my answer to your comment, I'm serious when I say you would be more than welcome to come for a visit. We could have some serious fun!