Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Mother, Vacationer and Cake Decorator!

Hello all, I’m Sarah, and for those of you who don’t know me, I can usually be found here. Since my mother is probably sunning herself by the pool in Mexico right now, I thought I’d share a birthday memory with you.
It has been on my mind because tomorrow is my birthday and my mother will be in Mexico, not making me a birthday cake. I know! How dare she! When I was growing up, my mother always made my birthday cakes. From scratch. No boxed cakes for us.
Part of our birthday treat was to go to the cake decorating store and pick out items to adorn this homemade confection. For my fourth birthday, I wanted a Cinderella theme. I chose a large Cinderella, complete with missing glass slipper (plastic and not to scale) a horse drawn white carriage and a large clock face to represent midnight. In my almost four year old mind it was awesome!
My birthday was approaching, and my mom gets sick. I mean really sick, like a 103 degrees temperature sick. Being the trooper that she was, she still made me a 13X9 chocolate cake…which in her weakened state she dropped half on the floor. She then made ANOTHER cake (from scratch) and pieced it together with the other mangled pieces that survived the fall, into one large double decker chocolate cake. She lathered all of this with home made chocolate icing and bright blue sprinkles (blue being my all time favorite color). My precious Cinderella paraphernalia joined the blue sprinkles. To this day, I remember it as my most favorite birthday cake.

Don’t you think she did a good job?

Thanks Sarah, for the guest post, being that you are the guest of honor this week! Happy Birthday Baby! Yeah, um, I don't think we had enough of those blue sprinkles to do the entire cake! Isn't funny how you remember that cake as so special, and I remember being so upset I ruined your big day/cake. I remember tears and cursing and you are all grins. By the way, you haven't changed a bit!

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Susan said...

What a nice post, Sarah! You're doing your mom proud! Lovely memory, too, not to mention the very large and beautiful cake and that gorgeous 4-year-old smile.