Friday, December 17, 2010

The Town

A few years ago, I thought that owning a small Christmas Town on my fireplace mantle would be charming. It would bring on a diorama of fantasy and charm to our Christmas displays. Ohhhh, I started collecting town pieces with the help of loving friends and family who finally thought "AH, the perfect gift - a piece for her town"! The town grew and grew and grew, until it no longer was a town, but a large metropolis, one that outgrew the mantle and spread out onto end tables, bookcases and computer desk tops.

The town also has a life of it's own with it's little characters...

The METROPOLIS - the downtown section - complete with school, church, library, strip mall, movie theatre, coffee shop and of course, Jack's diner.

The "Gated Community"...where the manor houses collect the elite of the village. Rumors abound that the house on the left is Oprah's winter get away. Personally, I can't verify those claims.
I can however, attest to viewing Kate Gosselin and her brood, shoveling snow, making snow angels and such. The paparazzi always after a good photo op.
Uh oh, every town has it's bad section, where crime and urban decay seems to creep in. See Santa? See the "ho-ho-ho"? Yeah, it's hard to stop crime even in your dreams

This is Darrell and his other brother Darrell. KIDS STAY IN SCHOOL! The Darrell's never finished their GED, therefore they work maintenance at the brewery on the edge of town. Shoveling snow, and still dressing alike after all these years...

This is the radio station owner, Mr. WXMS, who is legally blind. His loyal assistant, Mr. Washington guides his every step. Mr. WXMS bought the radio station after loosing his sight, but not his hearing! He's making lemon aide out of lemons - what a "It's a Wonderful Life" moment here in the Town.Ahhh... Young love abounds. Folks getting married on Christmas...(how do they fit into that little tiny church door, I'll never know. It's all just part of the charm of the town)

This is the rural scene on top of the computer desk. There's the farm, Grandma's house and the tree farm/stand. (note: none of the pieces are of the same scale - imagination is a must here) Let's wrap it up with some holiday carols from Boyz 2 Men in an annual rooftop concert on the top of Jack's Diner! Nothing says Christmas more than four guys singing A Capella near the hustle and bustle - don't you agree?


Sarah said...

You crack me up!

Susan said...

I love seeing it all in context after viewing them separately on FB. What a wonderful imagination you have and always full of humor! I love your Christmas metropolis!

Deb said...

I just found your blog because I hit "next blog" at the top of my own by mistake! Funny, though, your Christmas Village Turned Booming Metropolis is similar to our Lionel Train "just around the tree" story. Believe me, I can relate.

Anyway, I enjoyed my visit, and will return for more fun! Thanks!

Chris Stoodley said...

Pressed 'Next Blog' at the top of the page and found yours! The fourth picture down is really nice looking, haha!