Monday, October 25, 2010

Attention Germaphobes!

So, I return to blogging because of a controversial practice I witnessed and wanted some feedback.
No, really, I thought that this would be a good time to post. It’s not about my absence, nor about my aging mother, or about my new grandson (that I could talk about until you swiftly hit Esc) but rather about Dairy Queen.

Now, don’t we all love a good DQ? I know I do! Love me some blizzards, some dilly bars, buster bars, or a small cone dipped in chocolate, the kind that hardens and cracks in a oh so luscious chocolatey way. So, when my friend and co-worker suggests an afternoon snack at the local DQ, I accepted! As we sat slowly scooping and savoring our mini blizzards, we were watching the DQ staff who was answering the telephone, acting as cashier and stocking the grated cheese bin with cheese she scooped from a large bag of grated cheese taken out of the fridge - with her bare hands. Fingers that just recently typed on the cash register, accepting dirty yucky money from a couple of high school students, now returned back to reaching into that bag to scoop out more cheese, if you please.

UGH! The thought of it makes me want to run out and get a flu shot and then scrub my body with a bristle brush like I just encountered a nuclear reactor gone bad. (Insert the shower scene from Silkwood, thank you very much for not commenting on the reference’s age)

Thinking that the DQ staffer must have some education in hygiene, my friend, a nurse pondered calling the manager of said Dairy Queen to ask about the sanitary conditions and the absence of say, gloves. The manager informed her, it wasn’t their policy to wear gloves while handling food – only to, dramatic pause, wash their hands!

Now, begin to discuss amongst yourselves, and leave a comment if you please. AHHHHH, personally, I’m going to go and gargle.


Dianna said...

I say a call to THE COMPANY is in order. FOR REAL!
If it was common knowledge that they DON'T wear gloves, I'm pretty sure there would be quite an uproar.
A call to action is in order!!!

Commence gargling...

Mimi's Toes said...

OMG Jackie, this is one of my BIGGEST pet peaves ever..I would contact headquarters about this. I was in a Subway once and the girl making my sandwich had on gloves but she opened the cooler and would touch other things while making it. I asked her to please change her gloves before making my sandwich. I watch closely for things like this. Glad I got to give my opinion on this. And I know you are enjoying your grandson!

Sharron said...

I agree 100% - honestly, the training is out there!

The poll that addresses the issue of washing your hands after using the bathroom is worse even still.

It just boggles my mind that people are that - either uniformed - or stupid!