Friday, April 2, 2010

Whew-made it past the day unscathed

Ah HA! It's the day after April Fool's day. Poissant D'Avril for you odd frenchies...{i never did understand the fish foolery}
I have come through unscathed.
See, It's taken me years of looking over my shoulder and doubting every phone call, or bit of April 1st news or gossip to finally settle down on the first of April.
I had been quite a bit of a practical joker in years past, and my children liked to take pride in "getting me back" in creative ways.

This year I went by without anyone trying to pull a prank. Whew!
With the temperature at an unseasonal 64 degrees and it's only 7:13 a.m. I'm off to have a Good Friday, off fromwork, enjoying the weather and preparing for our Easter weekend. Going to my mom's to make Easter cheese and wash her bedding. I MAY even get to hang her blankets on the clothes line outside!
Hope you all enjoy the weekend!


Sarah said...

My preggo brain couldn't come up with anything good this year...sorry. Besides, can't get you every year then you expect it!

Carbon Based said...

That cuz your children consider you to old for pranks, fraid of givin ya a heart attack! ;)

Dianna said...

Hee hee....I'm not a big fan of April 1st myself. I stay nervous all day!

Hope your Easter was beautiful my friend*!*

Susan said...

We never did get into the April Fool's Day pranks, thank goodness! I don't like surprises!

Hope you had a good Easter! I'm behind on all my blog friends' posts and just now getting caught up.

I've been hanging clothes on the line here, until today with the rain and cool weather.