Monday, June 15, 2009

Temperature is Toasty

This is not my swimming pool.

It's not even close.

{my pool is somewhat cleaner - even after being tucked away all winter}

But soon my pool water will be bubbly warm with our new pool heater! Thanks to my wonderful husband and handyman who installed our new gas heater under the deck to keep us toasty on those warm days with a mild breeze. The ones that have a small bead of sweat gathering on our faces and lull us all into thinking a dip in the pool would be refreshing, but alas, even though the temperature outside SAYS 80 degrees, the pool water is a leg numbing, ball shriveling 53 degrees. Lips turn blue, fingertips gnarl in the cold and all bones become achy.

The pool heater was a good choice considering it's Northwest Indiana and we could still be in for snow.

Yeah, I know it's June, but we still say "It could snow", just so that we don't "spit into the wind" and nah, nah, nah, some god of snowfall to ascend upon us with swirls of the white glorious frozen flakes that are better reserved for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Back to the pool. Aren't you jealous? I KNOW!

It makes all the work worthwhile to have some pool time. Fun in the sun, swimming, sunbathing and cooking out with the family!

Good times.


Bacardi Mama said...

Wow, I thought our pool was cold at 70 degrees. You sure got me beat.

anymommy said...

Very jealous. Can I come over?

JackeeG4glamorous said...

Anymommy: Anytime! Come on over! It is like bathwater now, with all the heat and humidity.

Mimi's Toes said...

What time can I come over? I get off at 5 and can be there by 5:45. I am so jealous...We use to have a pool but we tore it down when it started needing too much done to it. I really miss it on days like today when I would go home from work and get in it to unwind and float around on the raft. Enjoy! And thanks for your prayers for Lynda!