Monday, June 1, 2009

Awesome award, thank you very much

My daughter apparently thinks I’m awesome! Good, that’s what moms live for.
(or at least I do) So here's one award for me...and one for YOU!
So she challenged me to this meme, and although it appears to be easy, it was hard to do! Name seven things that are awesome about you.
Apparently I’m awesome at some things, but blogging isn’t one of them, as I have hard a hard time keeping up with my blog lately. (mostly due to personal things going on)

It’s hard to think of yourself as awesome.
Here are some things that are awesome aspects of me.

I make awesome soup and noodles.
I am an AWESOME bargain shopper. (love it, truly do)
I am awesome at arts and crafts.
I am awesome at sewing.
I am awesome at Canasta! There, that’s different!
I am an awesome Grandma!
I am an awesome letter writer. (correspondence is important)
Now, I'm nominating YOU....
and a few others, hope you all can participate!


Swistle said...

You are so nice---thanks!

Susan said...

That's very sweet of you! I humbly accept my award of awesomeness! Now if I can't think of any personal awesomeness, I'm gonna blame you, Jackee! It may take me a couple of days, 'cause right now I'm being an AWESOME full-time babysitting grammy!

Mimi's Toes said...

Great Awesome list. I wish I were as talented.

Still Life With Coffee said...

I love the idea of an awesome list. Love your blog - thanks for stopping by mine and leaving a comment. Add to your awesome list: nice comment leaver