Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Proud To B A Voter But....

Didja vote today?
Didja get up early stand in line, think it was "no fair" that someone voted last Friday afternoon or last Saturday, while they sipped a Mocha Latte and read the newspaper, and hey.....is anyone watching the counting of those early votes?
I ask this because while I was standing in the long line at the local school, my To Go coffee mug chillin in my car, the line was long, and wrapped around the building, the official poll workers stopped the voting to "log the tremendous amount of absentee ballots they just received". We waited, but no one knew where the heck these absentee ballots were hiding at say, 6:00 a.m. or say, YESTERDAY.
Still I'm happy to vote, to do my civic duty, for the honor all our foremothers fought for.

But perhaps in 2012, can we cast our ballot on line?


Robin said...

This is why I voted from home, sipping coffee and eating a bagel. Welcome back from FL! (I realize I am a bit late on that)

My Wonderful Men said...

Wouldn't that be nice, on-line voting. Except I would worry about something going wrong though.

Sarah said...

I's love to vote online...you can do everything else why not? I would worry about someone hacking in though.